My Reward Is Not Showing Up In Monopoly Go: How To Fix

Didn't receive Gold Pack after completing 5 Boards? Here is how to fix the missing rewards error of Monopoly Go 

Is your reward not showing or you are missing rewards from Board Completion in Monopoly Go? Every time you complete a Board you get some Dice Rolls and Cash. After 5 Boards, you also receive a Gold Sticker Pack. But some players have been complaining that they received nothing. Dice Rolls and Cash are more easily obtained than the Gold Pack, so losing the Gold Pack makes it even worse. So we went through the official sources and collected all the info about the issue and its solution.

How to Fix Missing Rewards From Board Completion in Monopoly Go

My Reward Is Not Showing Up In Monopoly Go

The developers were aware of the issue and have already rolled out the fix. You only need to update your app to resolve it. You can learn more about the issue and its status from Missing rewards from the Board Completion section of Monopoly Go Helpshift. The error should be fixed after the update, but if you are still missing Board completion rewards in Monopoly Go, contact customer support. You will find the customer service feature in the game’s Settings menu.

Why Are My Rewards Not Showing Up?

It is not an error or issue, this happens sometimes. They are not missing, some event rewards are sent out a little bit late in Monopoly Go. And some are only given after the event ends. If you are completing tasks of any particular event, and not receiving the mentioned task reward, they might give them in the end. You usually get rewards once the event ends, but if you don’t, then wait for a day. If the reward still hasn’t been sent to you, then contact customer support from the Settings menu of Monopoly Go.

Hopefully, you resolved the issue and recovered your missing Board completion rewards in Monopoly Go. If you did, you should focus on increasing your Net Worth and building Landmarks to unlock new Boards and Gold Sticker packs. Also, check our Monopoly Go guides to learn about all the game features.