Baldur’s Gate 3 Benryn Dowry & Miri Locations: Where To Find

Can't find the missing Dowry or Miri's location in BG3? Check out our location guide to find out the Benryn Dowry in Baldur's Gate 3 with Miri's whereabouts.

If you can’t find the Benryn dowry location in Baldur’s Gate 3, it might be due to the missing Miri who stashed the dowry. While rescuing the NPCs of the Waukeen’s Rest across the Risen Roads, you will meet Benryn trapped inside a burning building. As you save the trapped man from the fire, he searches for Mirileth, his wife. He will ask you to help him find her. Once you find Miri’s corpse, he will ask you to find the missing dowry. But as players search for her or dowry, they can’t find either location. Don’t worry, check out our guide to find out where is the Benryn dowry in BG3 along with Miri’s location.

Where is the Benryn Dowry in Baldur’s Gate 3 (Location)

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You can find the missing Benryn Dowry in BG3 located inside the Haystack in Barn. This barn can be found behind the house from where you rescued Benryn. The exact coordinates for this location are X:-102 and Y:-623. As you open the Gilded chest, you will find a Dowry Ring which you can either return to Benryn or take yourself. You will gain disapproval from Astarion if you return the dowry to Benryn.

You might not complete the Rescue the Trapped Man quest if you take the dowry without finding Miri. For that, you must find Miri’s location in Baldur’s Gate 3 and tell Benryn that she is dead. So, here’s where you can find her location:

BG3 Miri Location

You can find Miri in Baldur’s Gate 3 located inside another burnt house on the first floor near their house. The exact coordinates for Miri’s location are X:- 82, Y:-594. But don’t enter this house from the front. Instead, you must enter the house from a window to the left. Once you find Mirileth’s remains, use the “Speak with the Dead spell” or the “Amulet of Lost Voices“. As you talk to her, you can also ask her the location of the Benryn dowry in Baldur’s Gate 3.

For that, choose the following dialogue option:

  • Did you have any valuables nearby?

While answering with only three words, she will state that the missing dowry for her sister is in the Barn. We recommend Save Scumming to explore all the consequences based on your choices.

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