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How to Defeat Bazelgeuse Monster Hunter Stories 2?

Where to find Bazelgeuse Eggs in MH Stories 2?

Bazelgeuse is a Flying Wyvern type of monster in MH Stories 2. This monster uses air attacks, dropping flash bombs on the ground. Whoever is caught in the explosive range is food. To take down Bazelgeuse, you will have to find its location. Where exactly it is hunting and then use the handy tips in this MH Storie 2 Boss fight guide to defeating Bazelgeuse.

MH Stories 2 Bazelgeuse Location

MH Stories 2 Bazelgeuse

Progress to the main story unless you reach a quest to investigate three pits. While on your way to these pits you will be fighting with different monsters. Bazelgeuse will drop in one of these pits after a monster fight. Bazelgeuse will appear probably after defeating Gendrome.

So finding Bazelgeuse is tough unless you follow the main story and unlocks one of the explore pits quests. You will have to deal with two monsters in the pit. Makes sure to focus your attacks on the wings first. One single charged hit will through the monster of the grounds.

How to beat Bazelgeuse?

I am going to share some tips to take down Bazelgeuse below. With this, there is a detailed explanation of the boss’s fight. It is not easy to beat this massive monster, his attacks like air bombs and Ignition breath are petty lethal. The game does not give you a mechanism to dodge it away, all your allies stay in the range of attack. So be ready to take a certain amount of damage.

  • Charge Power Attacks on Wings.
  • Bazelgeuse’s Ignition breath is unavoidable.
  • After multiple power Attacks on Wings go for Technical attacks on the same.
  • Continue with a mixture of Power and Technical attack focused on wings.
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When Bazelgeuse crashes on the ground and is unable to stand on his feet attacks the Head. Use power attacks on the head which will give a critical hit if landed on the right point. You have to be quick here, a combo attack right after this will double your crit damage. At first, you will fail in some head-to-head attacks. But when you are able to reduce his 25% of health, head-to-head attacks will start working giving you an edge in the fight.

Be prepared for Air Showdown, which won’t last for a long time. Press L1 R1 to speed up and throw an attack to break Bazelgeuse’s flight. Continue the attack pattern shared above. You will have to follow a few sets of Power and Technical attack on the Wings, Head, and then on Stomach to beat down this monster in MH Stories 2. And then you will follow to break down other body parts.

Rewards for Defating Bazelgeuse:

  • Bazelgeuse Scale – A red hot scale formed from the congealed bodily fluids of a Bazelgeuse. The slightest jolt may make it explode.
  • 700 points.
  • Explore the rare dens for Bazelgeuse’s eggs.

Bazelgeuse monster has good armor and can help you with good airborne attacks. They are one of the most powerful monsters in MH Stories 2. If you need more help with finding the best monsties in MH Stories 2 Wings of Riuns then refer to the link.  Also, check out our guide on how to beat Gammoth and how to beat Velkhana.