How To Get Metaviron In Jagged Alliance 3 (Rare Healing Resource)

Here is how to find the Metaviron in Jagged Alliance 3.

If you are finding it difficult to get Metaviron in Jagged Alliance 3, then you are not alone. This rare and special resource has many unique uses. The Metaviron is the best healing item as it helps in fully restoring the health of your mercs. This rare material can often prove to be a game-changer for you and your mercs as you deal with deadly attacks. But many players are unable to find the location of the Metaviron. Our guide below will show you the best methods to get this rare healing item.

How to Get Metaviron in Jagged Alliance 3

metaviron rare healing resource

Though the Metaviron is a rare item, there are different ways to get it in Jagged Alliance 3. We have mentioned the methods below:

  1. Buy Loot Boxes from Lalee Leewaylender
  2. In Underground areas
  3. Near Flay’s Dungeon
  4. Near the Tree at Sector E12

Buy Loot Boxes

The best way to get Metaviron is from the loot boxes that are sold by Lalee Leewaylender in Fleatown Flea Market in sector H9. You can buy a maximum of ten loot boxes from him for 1 Diamond each. The Metaviron is a guaranteed item that you can get from one of these boxes. Since the first 5 boxes contain valuable items, you will have to spend up to 5 Diamonds to secure a Metaviron.

Search Underground Areas

Another place to find the Metaviron is the Underground areas in B10, H12, F11, and the Sanatorium basement. Search these areas properly to get a Metaviron in Jagged Alliance 3.

Near Flay’s Dungeon

You can also get a Metaviron after recruiting or defeating Flay. Most players have found the rare resource in a chest near Flay’s Dungeon.

Near the Tree at Sector E12

You can also find the Metaviron near a tree at Sector E12 in Jagged Alliance. This specific tree makes animals go crazy. You will know you are at the right location when you see dangerous animals nearby.

That’s all you need to know on how to get the Metaviron in Jagged Alliance 3. While you’re here, take a look at how to sell weapons & items & craft ammo in our Jagged Alliance 3 section.