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Tower Of Fantasy: Maximum Level Cap & Timegates Explained

Here is the max level cap in ToF.

Many Tower of Fantasy players wants to know the maximum level cap in the game. Knowing about it is important as you can accordingly plan your gaming sessions. And if you are someone that frequently plays MMO games, you will know how important it is to plan out your sessions. These games usually have a lot for you to do in them. The bad news is that ToF does restrict you from maxing out your level on day 1. So in this guide let us check what the max level cap is in Tower of Fantasy and how timegates in this game work.

What is the Maximum Level Cap in Tower of Fantasy?

max level cap in tower of fantasy and how timegates work

The maximum level that you can reach in Tower of Fantasy is level 70. But reaching this level isn’t possible in a day. And no we aren’t talking about the maximum hours you can spend playing for a whole day. Even as a whale you will need to wait to completely level up your character. This is because Tower of Fantasy uses timegates to restrict your progression.

In case you don’t know, timegates is a game mechanic that many games use to limit players from progressing. It has its advantages at times like pay-to-win players can’t immediately be better even after just starting. And it also helps the game retain the players as they can keep coming back to the game.

But there is a problem with this mechanism. And that is, your progression won’t get carried the next day. So even if a player grinds and gets a ton of XP, if they reach the level cap the remaining extra XP will get wasted. Here are the level caps for the different days in ToF.

Level Cap Day
Level 18 1
Level 24 2
Level 27 3
Level 30 4
Level 32 5
Level 34 6
Level 36 7
Level 38 8
Level 40 9
Level 42 11
Level 44 13
Level 46 15
Level 47 17
Level 48 19
Level 49 21
Level 50 23
Level 51 25
Level 52 27
Level 53 29
Level 54 31
Level 55 34
Level 56 37
Level 57 40
Level 58 43
Level 59 46
Level 60 49
Level 61 52
Level 62 56
Level 63 60
Level 64 64
Level 65 68
Level 66 72
Level 67 76
Level 68 80
Level 69 84
Level 70 88

Let’s say you reach level 18 on your first day of playing. Any XP that you get after it won’t level up your character any further. So doesn’t matter if you continue playing or take a break. The game will again allow you to level up the next day, that is reach up to level 24 on day 2. And as you can see the higher you level up the more days you need to wait to reach the maximum level for that day.

That covers this guide on the max level cap in Tower of Fantasy (ToF), and how daily timegates work. Since you like playing this game, be sure to check our other guides on how to get rockcore, get nemesis, and change avatar. And for other things about ToF check out our Tower of Fantasy guides.