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Digimon Survive Mature Enlightenment Slabs: How To Get & Use

Check out our guide on how to get the Mature Enlightenment Slabs in Digimon Survive.

Digimon Survive is a visual tactical video game by Bandai Namco. Unlike other installments of the series, you can digivolve or evolve a recruited Digimon permanently. This method boosts the stats and upgrades your abilities. But for this process, you need to get different Enlightenment slabs up your sleeves. Upon getting a Mature Enlightenment slab, you can evolve from a Free Monster/Digimon to Champion Digimon. But how to get it? Check out our guide on how to get and use the Mature Enlightenment Slabs in Digimon Survive.

How to Get Mature Enlightenment Slabs in Digimon Survive

There are several ways to get the Mature Enlightenment slabs. As you progress into and begin with Part 2, you will receive some mature enlightenment slabs, to begin with. You can also earn them as rewards, through chests, or by winning the different battles as you progress into the storyline. In addition to that, there are more methods to get these slabs.

digimon survive get mature enlightenment slabs
Image Source – Balkan Let’s Play on YouTube.

Mentioned below are some methods to get these items:

Head to Inner Shrine

  • For this method, open your world map and select the Forest Area.
  • Now, in the Forest area, choose the Inner Shrine location.
  • Use your camera and align it to the center of the screen.
  • Then, select and interact with the Shrine to get a Mature Enlightenment Slab.

Befriending Leomon

  • Leomon is ferocious and possesses a strong heart of justice. As you meet him, befriend him by interacting and talking to him.
  • If you are confused about how to choose the right dialogue options, check out our guide on how to get a new Digimon.
  • Upon choosing all the right options, Digimon will offer you two options.
  • If you ask for some items, Leomon will reward you with Mature Enlightenment Slabs.

Defeat Fangmon

  • As you progress to Part 2, you will be attacked by tons of Fangmon.
  • You can explore several areas to encounter Fangmon.
  • Upon its defeat, they can drop a Mature Enlightenment Slab.
  • While it’s not a guaranteed drop, you can defeat several of these red-colored Digmon to get these items.

How to Use a Mature Enlightenment Slab

Follow these steps to use a Mature Enlightenment Slab to digivolve a Digimon:

  • Head to the Main Menu by pausing the game.
  • Select the Status tab and choose the Digimon you need to Digivolve or evolve.
  • Now, select the Evolution tab and choose the evolution or digivolution for your selected Digimon.
  • As you hit the Confirm button, you will be prompted with a message that warns you about the permanent evolution.
  • Hit the Yes button to see your Free Monster digivolve and transform into a Champion Digimon.
  • Make a note that once you Digivolve a recruited Digimon, you cannot devolve them. So, make sure to choose the right Digimon as there is no going back.

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