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Digimon Survive: How To Get A New Digimon

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Digimon Survive is the most recent visual tactical/novel role-playing videogame with several survival mechanics by Bandai Namco. Unlike previous installments, this Visual RPG has taken a different turn for digivolving Digimon. But how to catch these Digital monsters scattered around the world? Not to worry, here’s our guide on how to get a new Digimon in Digimon Survive.

How to Get a New Digimon in Digimon Survive

There are two ways to get or recruit these tiny digital monsters around the open world. You can get them by playing and progressing through the storyline. Or you can befriend them by having a conversation with them.

  • The Digimon you will obtain through the storyline will become a part of your team directly. That Digimon will also form a bond with you as long the storyline continues.
  • Now, as for befriending the Digmon, you need to have a conversation and exhaust the dialogues with them.
  • All you need to do is select the suitable dialogue options during the conversation with that Digimon. But before that, you need to find these Digimons first.
  • As there’s a wide range of Digimons throughout the open world, their characteristics also vary.
  • Once you choose all the right options during the conversation, the success rate of catching them varies according to the Digimon.
  • Some Digimons are more aggressive, rather than some Digimons that are friendlier.
  • That’s because these Digimons vary in personalities and traits. Thus, you need a different approach while befriending them.
digimon survive how to get new digimon
Image Source – Balkan Let’s Play on YouTube.
  • There are six dialogue options and choosing each of them increases or decreases the bar above the Digimon.
  • As you choose the right dialogue option, you will get two points into your six-segment bar.
  • Upon choosing all the right options, you will get two options in the end.
  • You can ask Digimon to join your team or for some items.
  • We suggest rather than having duplicates, you can ask for items from those Digimon.
  • Also make a note that, you might need to reload the game if you chose the wrong dialogue options.

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