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Mass Effect 2: Crime In Progress Citadel Mission Guide

Racism is alive and well, even in games.

The Crime In Progress is a small mission that you will come across in Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition. As part of this mission, you will have to resolve a conflict between a Volus and a Quarian. This conversation does take a turn with intergalactic racism thrown in the mix. So let’s find out how to solve an argument and complete Crime in Progress.

How to complete Crime in Progress in Mass Effect 2


Crime In Progress: Mass Effect 2 Citadel Mission Guide

To solve the Crime in Progress your Commander Shepard character will have to side with and prove the innocence of the Quarian named Lia’Vael. This is pretty easy to get through, although the baseless allegations might become a bit much.

First, go to the eastern edge of the Citadel, near the Warehouse. Here you will find a Volus called Kor Tun arguing with Lia’Vael. There is also a C-Sec officer here who is clearly siding with Kor Tun. There are some serious misguided allegations thrown by the C-Sec officer without hearing out Lia’Vael. Kor Tun will allege that Lia’Vael bumps into him when he was exiting a shop and that is when she swiped the chit. Keep engaging the conversation by taking Lia’Vael’s inputs about what happened. It is always better to listen to both sides of the story.


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There will be an option in the conversation that will question Kor Tun whether he left behind the chit. Make sure you use this option. Now, leave the conversation and head over to Saronis Applications and then converse with the Salarin who is manning the counter. As the conversation goes on ask him about the credit card. He will tell you that Kor Tun does leave his card behind. Use this information and go back to the place where the argument is taking place. Talk to the interested parties about the results of your investigation. This will complete your quest.

Here is also a chance to earn some Paragon points. Follow the on-screen conversation prompt for this so that you can follow the path of righteousness. This will turn into a teachable moment and some extra Paragon points.


So this was everything about How to complete the Crime in Progress mission in Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition. While you are here make sure you check out the Mass Effect Wiki page to learn more about the game.