Should I Side With Masako Or Ularu In Starfield? (Consequences)

Unable to figure out whom to choose between Masako and Ularu in Starfield Guilty Parties Quest? Here's the best decision that you can make here.

During the Guilty Parties quest in Starfield, you’ll have to side with either Masako or Ularu. Here, you are required to make the most appropriate decision for the sake of Ryujin Industries future. But for that, it’s important that you first know the outcomes of the decisions. In this guide, we will you the consequences of siding with Masako or Ularu. Alongside, we will also be suggesting the best character to support and what rewards they bring to the deck. Scroll down on this page to know.

Description: This guide contains heavy spoilers related to the Ryujin Industries Quest Line. So, we recommend you move ahead at your own risk.

Should you Side with Masako and Confront Ularu in Starfield?

The best and wisest decisions can only be made if you already know the outcomes. So check out below to know about what can happen if you side with Ularu or Masako:

What Happens if You Side with Ularu?

Should you Side with Masako and Confront Ularu in Starfield

Firstly, let me tell you that Imogene is not the mole inside the Ryujin Industries. In fact, Ularu is the real culprit and has set Imogene up as the mole. Choosing to side with Ularu will take down Masako’s position as the leader and CEO of the company in Starfield. And Ularu will become the new CEO of the company. As a way of saying thanks, Ularu will reward you with 16,400 Credits, a personal office, and complete access to the Mission Board. If you support Ularu, then she’ll also promote you from Operative to Senior Operative. Amongst all this, Imogene will be sacrificed as everything thinks of her as a mole.

What Happens if You Side with Masako?

Should you Side with Masako and Confront Ularu in Starfield

On the contrary, you can side with Masako and reveal Ularu as the real mole. Doing so will retain Masako’s existing position as the CEO of Ryujin Industries. At the same time, Ularu will be taken into custody. Siding with Masako will reward you with bonus rewards such as 18,400 Credits, a personal office, and Mission Board access. Moreover, siding with Masako will allow you to save Imogene, who is still being considered a traitor.

Now the real question – should you side with Masako or Ularu in Starfield? Well according to me, you should side with Masako and save Imogene. It is the most appropriate and noble thing to do. I mean, the rewards for both supporting any of these characters are not majorly different. Although, you will be able to save an innocent life at stake here.

Aside from this, if you want to play it evil, then you can side with Ularu as well. However, doing so will only lead to an inevitable downfall of the Ryujin Industries. Believe it or not, Masako is the best leader and CEO for the company. So, confronting Ularu is actually more beneficial than supporting her.

There are plenty of important decision-making scenarios in Starfield. To make the best decisions therein, be sure to check out our Wiki & Strategy Guide.

And now that you know the consequences for siding with Masako or Ularu in Starfield, ensure to make the most out of it. Just like this, you’ll also have to make major decisions like Killing Delgado or Not & Should you Persuade or Kill Brogan?, etc. So, make sure to take a look at our guides to make the best decisions again.

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