Marlon Stardew Valley – Best Gifts, Schedule, Adventurer’s Guild

Marlon in Stardew Valley is a monster hunter who runs the Pelican Town Adventurer’s Guild. He is the one who gives you a Rusty Sword when you first go hunting in the Mines. And he is well-known not only in the Pelican town but in other town guilds too. He is also the one who keeps your lost items.

Every time you pass out due to sleep or low health in The Mines, Quarry Mine, Skull Cavern, or Volcano Dungeon, you can meet Marlon and use the Item Recovery Service to get the lost item back. Getting curious about what Marlon likes, loves, and schedule is given when he is that useful.

Where Do I Find Marlon in Stardew Valley? (Adventurer’s Guild Location)

Stardew Valley Marlon Location
Image Credit: ConcernedApe

Marlon lives in the Adventurer’s Guild, which is on the right of the Mines. Use a minecart from the bus stop to reach Mine. Exit Mine and walk on the right side to find a green and brown house. This is an Adventurer’s Guild.

What Are Marlon’s Likes and Dislikes? (Gifts Guide)

At the time of writing Marlon has no heart events and neither can you give him anything apart from completing the Guild quest. He wouldn’t leave the counter even if you stayed in the Guild till you fell asleep. Developers might add something for Marlon in future updates. If they do, we will update this guide with the info. But if you are interested in having more interaction with Marlon, there are some fanmade mods that have a storyline for Stardew Valley Marlon. There you can give him items and even take him to the movie.

Stardew Valley Marlon Schedule

On most days you will find him in Adventuer’s Guild between 2 pm to 10 pm. The only time you wouldn’t find him in the Guild is during celebrations.

This is all about the Stardew Valley Marlon. You will find more such guides of villagers in our Stardew Valley guides. So check out this list and while you are here also learn about Marnie and Sebastian.