How To Find & Beat Marcus And Faleris In Palworld

Here’s how you can find and beat one of the toughest boss fights, with Marcus and Faleris, in Palworld.

In Palworld, there are 5 bosses currently whom you can defeat to get rewarded handsomely. Marcus and Faleris is one such Boss Fight that can shower you with great rewards. But that doesn’t mean you should go after them right away. Instead, I suggest you confront them only when you are close to level 50 in the game. Beating Marcus and Faleris is extremely tough if you don’t have the Best Pals and Equipment.

We have created this guide to help you get past this Boss Fight easily. So here, you will learn where to find Marcus and Faleris and how to beat them in Palworld.

Marcus and Faleris’ Location in Palworld

Marcus and Faleris' Location in Palworld
Image Credits to MapGenie
  • Location: Tower of the PIDF
  • Coordinates: (561, 334)

You can begin the Marcus and Faleris Boss Fight by going to the Tower of the PIDF located in the northwestern part of the map. More specifically, it is in the desert biome on the Palpagos Island. The best way to reach the Tower of the PIDF is by fast traveling to the Duneshelter teleporter. Once you reach Duneshelter, keep moving in the east until you reach the coordinates (561, 334). After reaching there, you can start the battle with Marcus and Faleris in Palworld.

How to Beat Marcus and Faleris in Palworld – Tips & Tricks

How to Beat Marcus and Faleris in Palworld
Marcus and Faleris Boss Fight. Image Credits to OnGame MultiGaming
  • Reduce 146,975 Damage in under 10 minutes to defeat Marcus and Faleris.

To beat Marcus and Faleris fair and square, you’ll need a Water-type Pal. Since Faleris is a Fire-type Pal, it is weak against the Water element. So I would suggest you bring along a Pal like Kelpsea, Suzaku Aqua, or Jormuntide. In particular, I want you to pick Suzaku Aqua as its Partner Skills enhances your attacks with Water damage when using it as a Mount.

How to Defeat Marcus and Faleris in Palworld
Faleris Preparing for Electric Damage

Despite being a Fire-type Pal, Faleris can also cause Electric damage. This is the biggest threat to your Water-type Pal as they are weak against Electricity. So whenever you see thunder and lightning bolts on the battlefield, simply put your Pals inside the Pal Sphere. You can call them out again once Faleris takes a break from his Electric abilities.

Aside from your Pal, you also need to take the initiative in causing damage to Marcus and Faleris. But before that, make sure you have equipped Legendary Armor and Accessories that provide you stat boosts. Mostly, I suggest you wear an Armor that gives you damage resistance. This is because Faleris’ attacks can occasionally paralyze and cause you massive damage. So it would be better if you have extra defense in your quiver. If possible, you can also cook food items like Rushoar Hot Dog to get a +20% Defense Boost. Moreover, you can also cook Eikthyrdeer Loco Moco for an additional 20% Attack Boost.

How to Defeat Marcus and Faleris in Palworld
Shooting Marcus to Beat the Boss Fight

For the offense, you should carry long-range weapons like an Assault Rifle. This is because Faleris will be shooting projectiles from the ground and air. So you will have to maintain your distance. In the meantime, you also have to cause damage, and using an Assault Rifle is the best course of action. Please keep in mind that Marcus is a weak point in this battle. That said, you should use your AR to shoot Marcus and reduce their health quickly. This will help you defeat Marcus and Faleris in Palworld easily.

Once you have defeated Marcus and Faleris, you will get XP rewards for yourself and your Pal. Not only that but you will also be rewarded with Ancient Technology Points. The quality of your rewards depends on the World Settings you have. It goes without saying that playing in a difficult setting will result in good-quality rewards.

Anyways, that is how you can find and beat Marcus and Faleris in Palworld. Now, it is time you get prepared for a bigger challenge, Victor and Shadowbeak. They are the final Boss in Palworld for now. Defeating them will establish your supremacy on the Palpagos Island.