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How To Find Map Pieces In Evil Dead The Game

Check out our guide on how to find the map pieces in Evil Dead The Game.

Evil Dead the Game is an asymmetrical multiplayer and horror survival game by Saber Interactive. It is based on the iconic Evil Dead franchise and features the Co-op as well as PvP game modes. While the game also brings back the characters from the show and television into the game, it also brings back the Kandarian Demon. To defeat this demon, you need to find the Kandarian dagger and the lost pages of Necronomicon. But to find these items, you need to find a special map. And the map is scattered across the areas with different pieces. So, here’s our guide on where to find the Map pieces in Evil Dead the Game.

How to Find Map Pieces in Evil Dead The Game


  • As you play as the Survivors, you will get an objective to “Collect a piece of the map near Faison farm“.
  • When you reach the building, you will not find the piece of the map over there.
  • That’s because you need to search the entire proximity to find the missing piece.
  • You can hit the M key to open the full map and take a broader look.
  • As you open the map, you will see the region highlighted in grey color and we need to search the entire highlighted area to find the piece.
  • You will find these pieces wherever you least expect them to be. You can find these pieces often placed on a wall or in a room.
find map pieces evil dead the game
Image Source – scufin on YouTube.
  • As you get closer to the map, you will see an exclamation mark over it.
  • You can collect the piece by going closer to the piece and pressing the E key
  • Once you collect the piece, you will get a clue and the location for the next piece on the map.


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