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Hogwarts Legacy: All Map Icons & What Do They Mean

Confused about what these map icons mean? Check out our guide that explains every Map icon in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy is a sweet treat to all the Potterheads or Harry Potter fans waiting for an expansive open world. With the vast Wizarding world around Hogwarts Legacy, there are plenty of things you can explore and discover. But as you progress to navigate the map, it can be slightly confusing for first-timers. Nevertheless, you can get a grasp of all the icons or markers on the map once you understand them. So, check out our guide that explains all the Map icons in Hogwarts Legacy to find out.

All Hogwarts Legacy Map Icons (Explained)

We will go through three different maps and their different icons throughout the map. These are as follows:

  • Hogwarts Map
  • World Map
  • Hogsmeade Map

hogwarts legacy map icons

So, let’s start with all the map icons marked on Hogwarts School or Castle map:

Hogwarts Map Icons

Here are all the map icons and what they represent or indicate:

  • Floo Flame Icon: An icon represented by a large flame arising from the bowl. These waypoints allow you to fast-travel in Hogwarts Legacy.
  • Door or Exit Icon: These are the map icons that indicate the exits from Hogwarts Castle to the World Map.
  • Flag Icon: Indicates an area or region with multiple Floo Flame points. The white flag represents the locked Floo Flame points while the green flags represent the available ones.
  • Main Quest Icon: These icons are represented with a yellow shield waypoint.
  • Side-Quest Icon: Similar to Main quest icons but represented in a much smaller shield waypoint. The icons are grey.
  • Sun Icon: Access to secret rooms like Map Chamber and the Room of Requirement through Floo Flames.

All Collectible Icons

  • Demiguise Moon Statue: Bringing these statues to Gladwin Moon can upgrade the Alohomora Spell.
  • Moon Icon: These icons represent the Astronomy Tables.
  • Question-marked Parchment: Represent different Field Guide pages that can be obtained by casting the Revelio Spell.
  • Ancient Magic Symbol: These icons represent different Ancient Magic Hotspots.
  • Chest: These icons represent the different chests that contain Gear items, Gold Galleons, or other collectibles.

You can find the total number of several collectibles collected on the right side of the Hogwarts Map. Over there, you can find your collected and the total number of chests, statues, Field Guide pages, Astronomy tables, and more.

World Map Icons

  • Hogwarts Icon: You can hover over this icon to find all the available quests, side quests, and collectibles in Hogwarts.
  • Cave Icon: Different Dungeons that have enemies, treasures, and chests.
  • House Icon: Indicates the Hamlet shop in the Keenbridge location.
  • Merlin Trial Icon: The marked locations represent the different trials of Merlin.
  • Hog Icon: This icon represents the Hogsmeade region that contains several shops and vendors. You can hover over it to look for the available collectibles in that area.
  • Spiderweb Icon: You can find different Spider Dens on the marked locations.
  • Wizard Robe Icon: Indicates the location of different Battle arenas throughout the Map. You can defeat several waves of enemies for gear items and appearances.

Hogsmeade Map Icons

Hogsmeade has the most shops and vendors scattered around the region. Every Map icon represents the different shops or vendors in the Hogsmeade location. So, here are all the shops in the Hogsmeade region:

  • O with Wand Icon: Ollivander’s Wand shop where you can buy Wands and their cores.
  • Scissors Icon: This icon represents the location of Madam Snelling’s Trees Emporium. Over here, you can change your facial features, hairstyle, hair color, and other character appearances.
  • Potions Icon: J. Pippin’s Shop where you can buy different Potions and their ingredients.
  • Golden Snitch Icon: This icon represents the location of Sprintwitches Sporting Needs shop where you can buy Broom and their upgrades.
  • Wheat Icon: The Magic Neep shop where you can buy seeds, fruits, stems, and fertilizers.
  • Top Hat Icon: Indicates the Gladrags Wizardwear shop where you can buy different gear items.

hogwarts legacy map icons

  • Unicorn Horn: Represents the Brood and Peck store where you can buy all the beast
  • Scroll Icon: This icon represents the location of the Tomes and Scrolls shop where you can buy different Conjuration spell-crafts.
  • Mushroom Icon: Dogweed and Deathcap shop where you can buy different seed packets.

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