How To Make Wonder Woman In Infinite Craft

Wondering how you can craft one of the best characters from the DC Universe? Here’s how you can make Wonder Woman in Infinite Craft.

Tired of crafting Marvel heroes and villains like Iron Man, Spider-Man, Thor, and Venom? Instead, try making Wonder Woman, who is one of the best superheroes belonging to the DC Universe. It goes without saying that she is one of the most loved characters from this fandom, as a result, many players have been wondering how they can create this superhero by using the elements they have.

To help you with this, here’s a simple recipe you can use to make this unique character. Once crafted, players can use it to create other rare elements like Aquaman, Poison Ivy, Batman, Warrior Princess, Harley Quinn, and much more.

How to Get Wonder Woman in Infinite Craft

How To Make Wonder Woman In Infinite Craft
Image Credits – Neal.Fun

In order to craft Wonder Woman, you will have to first make Superman. This is because the superhero you want is made by combining Superman and Incense. While crafting this recipe, you will be able to unlock a bunch of elements like Town, City, Metropolis, Flower, etc. Here’s how you can get all the items to create this special recipe.

  • Earth + Wind = Dust
  • Water + Dust = Mud
  • Mud + Mud = Clay
  • Clay + Clay = Brick
  • Brick + Brick = Wall
  • Wall + Brick = House
  • House + House = Town
  • House + Town = City
  • City + City = Metropolis
  • Metropolis + Human = Superman
  • Water + Earth = Plant
  • Plant + Wind = Dandelion
  • Dandelion + Earth = Flower
  • Wind + Fire = Smoke
  • Flower + Smoke = Incense
  • Incense + Superman = Wonder Woman

Additionally, you can also combine Adam + Venus to make Eve. After this, add Eve + Superman to get Wonder Woman.

Other Crafting Recipes with Wonder Woman in Infinite Craft

  • Wonder Woman + Universe = Gal Gadot
  • Wonder Woman + Water = Aquaman
  • Wonder Woman + Flower = Poison Ivy
  • Wonder Woman + Fire = Fire Woman
  • Wonder Woman + Wind = Invisible Jet
  • Wonder Woman + Invisible Jet = Invisible Woman
  • Wonder Woman + Mars = Superhero
  • Wonder Woman + Stone = Lasso
  • Wonder Woman + Town = Paradise Island
  • Wonder Woman + Rich = Batman
  • Wonder Woman + Rainbow = Rainbow Woman
  • Wonder Woman + Venus = Aphrodite
  • Wonder Woman + Aphrodite = Xena
  • Wonder Woman + Xena = Warrior Princess
  • Wonder Woman + Justice = Truth
  • Wonder Woman + Spider = Spider Woman
  • Wonder Woman + Carnage = Harley Quinn

This is everything you need to know to make Wonder Woman in Infinite Craft. If you are looking for more helpful recipes, you can also refer to our combinations guide and find 1000+ recipes that will help you create anything you want. Also, find out how you can easily create Rose, Paper, and Engine.