How To Make Venom And Carnage In Infinite Craft (Recipe Guide)

Venom and Carnage are some of the best Marvel characters you can make in Infinite Craft. Here’s everything you need to do to craft this anti-hero and supervillain duo.

In Infinite Craft, you can put your creativity to the test and come up with rare elements by combining two units. Players can create everything they want, from Presidents to Super Mario, anything is possible in this game. That being said, you will often stumble upon complex recipes and might not be able to complete them because you are not able to find the correct combinations.

Similarly, if you have been successful in creating Marvel superheroes like Spider-Man, you must be thinking of making Venom and Carnage as well. We are here to tell you that this anti-hero and supervillain duo can be easily created with just a few simple steps. Therefore, to know more, here’s everything you need to do to craft both of these famous characters from the MCU.

How to Get Venom and Carnage in Infinite Craft

How To Make Venom And Carnage In Infinite Craft
Image Credits – Neal.Fun

Venom can be crafted by following 5 steps, while Carnage can be made by combining Venom and Spider-Man. Additionally, while crafting this simple recipe, you will also be able to generate rare elements like Tsunami, Tornado, and Destruction. Therefore, let us understand how we can get both of these powerful Marvel characters.

  1. You will have to mix Water and Wind to get Wave.
  2. Combine Wave + Wave to generate Tsunami.
  3. Add Wind and Wind to create Tornado.
  4. You will then have to mix Tsunami and Tornado to craft Destruction.
  5. Refer to our Spider-Man crafting guide or add Perfume + Spider and combine it with Destruction to make Venom (Spider-Man + Destruction = Venom)
  6. Now, you can get the supervillain you want by combining Venom + Spider-Man to make Carnage.

Recipes with Venom and Carnage as an Ingredient

  • Venom + Carnage = Toxin
  • Venom + Toxin = Poison
  • Venom + Human = Zombie
  • Venom + Slaughterhouse = Snake
  • Venom + Black Hole = Anti-Venom
  • Carnage + Water = Blood
  • Carnage + House = Slaughterhouse
  • Carnage + Snake = Medusa
  • Carnage + Universe = Chaos
  • Carnage + Man = Carnivore
  • Carnage + Justic = Batman

This is all there is to know about making Venom and Carnage in Infinite Craft. If you want to create more superheroes, check out the combination we have used to make Iron Man. Don’t forget to go through our complete list of crafting recipes, here on Gamer Tweak.