How To Make Universe In Infinite Craft (Recipe Guide)

Want to learn how you can create Universe in Infinite Craft? Here’s an easy recipe you can follow to get this element.

Creativity and experimenting with elements will enable you to generate a ton of items in Infinite Craft. However, with so many different combinations and recipes this game offers, creating a specific item can get difficult at times, especially if you are not aware of the elements you need to combine. Similarly, if you have been searching for an easy method to make Universe, look no further. Here’s everything you need to craft this abstract object so that you can use it to form other elements like Multiverse, Cosmos, Black Hole, Star, God, and much more.

How to Get Universe in Infinite Craft

How To Make Universe In Infinite Craft
Image Credits – Neal.Fun

Creating Universe is extremely simple and the recipe only consists of 14 easy steps. To add to this, while crafting it, you will be able to generate several other useful items like Steampunk, Steampunk Pirate Ship, Stonehenge, and much more. These items will benefit you while making other recipes in the game. However, it is important to follow the steps precisely so that you can carry out this process without any errors and get your desired element. Here’s the complete recipe you will have to use to get Universe.

  1. Earth + Wind = Dust
  2. Water + Water = Lake
  3. Fire + Water = Steam
  4. Dust + Earth = Planet
  5. Lake + Water = Ocean
  6. Planet + Steam = Steampunk
  7. Ocean + Ocean = Sea
  8. Earth + Fire = Lava
  9. Ocean + Steampunk = Steampunk Pirate
  10. Lava + Sea = Stone
  11. Steam + Steampunk Pirate = Steampunk Pirate Ship
  12. Steampunk Pirate Ship + Stone = Stonehenge
  13. Steam + Stonehenge = Time
  14. Planet + Time = Universe

Other Crafting Recipes with Universe in Infinite Craft

Universe + Universe = Multiverse
Universe + Fire = Big Bang
Universe + Wind = Galaxy
Universe + Galaxy = Cosmos
Universe + Earth = Planet
Universe + Steam = Black Hole
Universe + Dandelion = Sun
Universe + Sun = Star
Universe + Life = God
Universe + God = Creation
Universe + Ocean = Poseidon

This is everything you need to know about creating Universe in Infinite Craft. Looking to learn more about interesting recipes? Check out the combinations we have used to craft Eternity, Angel, and Heaven, right here on Gamer Tweak.