Infinite Craft: How to Make a “God” Unit

God can be made using Eternity, Angel, Universe, Jesus and so on. But we will give you the easiest way to make God in Infinite Craft.

Have you ever considered creating a “God” in your boundless world of Infinite Craft? While the concept might seem hard, fear not! Even a new player can easily make a God tile with patience and bit of tweaking. So, let’s look at how to make God in Infinite Craft.

How to Make God in Infinite Craft

There are many ways to make God in Infinite Craft:

  • Eternity + Angel = God
  • Angel + Archangel = God
  • Emperor + Pope = God
  • Eternity + Universe = God
  • Everything + Universe = God
  • ? + Jesus Christ = God

Yes, “?” is a tile or block you can get in Infinite Craft. It can be made with many combinations, e.g. Devil + Jesus Christ = ?. Then again, combine Jesus Christ with ? to get God. There are many combinations, but let’s look at one of the common ways by using the Eternity and the Angel to create God.

  1. Create Eternity:
    • Eternity is a the first crucial component. Follow these steps to craft it:
      • Water + Water = Lake
      • Lake + Water = Ocean
      • Ocean + Earth = Island
      • Island + Island = Continent
      • Earth + Earth = Mountain
      • Mountain + Continent = Asia
      • Asia + Continent = Europe
      • Earth + Water = Plant
      • Wind + Fire = Smoke
      • Smoke + Wind = Cloud
      • Cloud + Cloud = Rain
      • Rain + Plant = Flower
      • Flower + Wind = Dandelion
      • Earth + Earth = Mountain
      • Mountain + Earth = Volcano
      • Volcano + Water = Lava
      • Lava + Water = Stone
      • Stone + Lava = Obsidian
      • Obsidian + Dandelion = Clock
      • Clock + Clock = Time
      • Europe + Time = Eternity
  2. Create Angel:
    • Now, let’s make an Angel:
      • Earth + Wind = Dust
      • Wind + Fire = Smoke
      • Water + Fire = Steam
      • Earth + Dust = Planet
      • Water + Smoke = Fog
      • Earth + Steam = Mud
      • Planet + Fog = Venus
      • Venus + Mud = Adam
      • Adam + Venus = Eve
      • Eve + Adam = Human
      • Human + Eternity = Angel
  3. Combine Eternity and Angel:
    • Finally, merge your Eternity and Angel to create God!
How to Make God in Infinite Craft

Combine two units of Water to form a Lake. Merge the Lake with Water again to birth a vast Ocean. You can sculpt an Island by merging Ocean and Earth. Duplicate this step to create a second Island. Join two Islands to form a Continent. Fuse two units of Earth to create a Mountain. Combine the Mountain with the Continent to craft the grand continent of Europe. Remember, patience is key – you’ll need a second Europe later.

Blend Earth and Water to cultivate a Plant. Mix Wind and Fire to conjure Smoke. Transform Smoke and Wind into Clouds. Let Clouds mix together to produce Rain. Add a Flower with Rain and Plant. Now add the Flower with Wind, creating a Dandelion. Volcanic Fury: Craft a second Mountain with Earth and Earth. Combine the second Mountain with Earth to unleash Lava. Take the Lava with Water to craft Stone. Forge Obsidian by merging Stone and Lava. This powerful element holds the secrets of time.

Combine the Dandelion with Obsidian to craft a mystical Clock. Duplicate this step to create another Clock.Fuse the two Clocks to unlock the concept of Time itself. Combine the remaining Europe with Time to finally forge Eternity.

Merge Earth and Wind to create Dust. Combine Wind and Fire to form Smoke. Fuse Water and Fire to create Steam. Shape Dust and Earth into a Planet. Blend Water and Smoke to create a Fog. Combine Earth and Steam to form Mud. Use Mud and Planet to create the goddess Venus. Fuse Venus and Mud to birth Adam. Unite Adam and Venus to create Eve. The union of Eve and Adam brings forth Humanity. Infuse Humanity with the essence of Eternity to create a majestic Angel.

Finally, the moment of truth arrives. Combine the crafted Eternity and Angel to witness the birth of God! This celestial being will appear on your screen, ready to be further mixed and matched to unleash your wildest creative desires like:

  • God + Archangel = Jesus
  • God + Agriculture = Harvest
  • God + Book = Bible
  • God + Culture = Religion
  • God + Earth = Angel
  • God + Emperor = Zeus
  • God + Fire = Phoenix
  • God + Ghost = Holy Ghost
  • God + Gold = Idol
  • God + Jesus = Christianity
  • God + Jew = Jesus
  • God + Ocean = Poseidon
  • God + Pope = Jesus
  • God + Sea = Poseidon

That’s everything you need to know about how to make God in Infinite Craft. While you are here, check out our list of other tricky combinations collected in our Infinite Craft Guides. These guides will help you unlock more unique units in the game.