How To Make Rose In Infinite Craft (Recipe Combos)

Create this captivating flower Rose in Infinite Craft and use it to get Moonflower, Rolls Royce, Love, Thorn, and more.

If you have already created a Date and used it to obtain Valentine, then the next thing you might be looking for is a Rose in Infinite Craft. With the correct recipe, there is almost nothing you cannot create in this game. While many complex ones take rigorous crafting, there are also simpler ones that just need you to create a few initial elements and combine them. This beautiful flower is one such unit that not only can be crafted easily but has lots of combinations using many low-effort elements.

Furthermore, you can combine them with other units for things like Tea, Perfume, Moonflower, Statue, and Thorn. Curious about the mentioned items? You will find their combos right below the Rose recipe.

How to Get Rose Infinite Craft

How to Make Rose Infinite Craft
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There are a bunch of combos that you can use to craft Rose in the game. The easiest of them consist of Flower elements like these:

  • Flower + Baby = Rose
  • Flower + Love = Rose (Combine Mars with Venus for Love)
  • Flower + Venus = Rose
  • Flower + Europe = Rose
  • Flower + Divorce = Rose

How to Get Flower

You might already have one of the elements that we are combining with Flower, so use these steps and get the other one:

  • Take Earth and combine it with Water for Plant.
  • Next, mix Fire with Water for Steam.
  • Put together Steam and Water for Cloud.
  • Add Water to the Cloud and get Rain.
  • Lastly, combine Plant with Rain for Flower.

How to Create Venus

  • Put Earth and Wind together to get Dust.
  • Add Earth to the Dust for the Planet.
  • Place Fire on Wind to create Smoke.
  • Now mix Smoke with Water for Fog.
  • Finally, take Fog and place Planet on it to get Venus.

How to Get a Baby

  • Earth + Wind = Dust
  • Dust + Wind = Sandstorm
  • Dust + Earth = Planet
  • Planet + Sandstorm = Mars
  • Earth + Mars = Life
  • Life + Earth = Human
  • Human + Human = Family
  • Family + Human = Baby

Recipe Combos With Rose in Infinite Craft

Recipe Combos With Rose in Infinite Craft
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  • Rose + Water = Tea
  • Rose + Wind = Perfume
  • Rose + Baby = Princess
  • Rose + Princess = Beauty
  • Rose + Beauty = Love
  • Rose + Love = Romance
  • Rose + Stone = Statue
  • Rose + Statue = Venus
  • Rose + Student = Thorn
  • Rose + Train = Rosie
  • Rose + Roll = Rolls Royce
  • Rose + Moon = Moonflower
  • Rose + Car = Carnation
  • Rose + Pig = Piglet
  • Rose + Sea = Coral
  • Rose + House = Cottage
  • Rose + Star = Rosette
  • Rose + Titanic = Jack

Once you have Rose in Infinite Craft, you can mix it with various elements apart from the ones we have listed. So keep experimenting, and you might end up making a discovery. Are you looking for more topics from this game? Check out Universe, Engine, Stray Kids, and Netflix.