How To Make Mars In Infinite Craft

Expand your discoveries to extraterrestrial elements like Mars in Infinite Craft with our guides.

If, like me, you are fond of exploring what’s beyond Earth’s horizon, then crafting different planets and satellites would be the first thing you want to start with. Mars in Infinite Craft has one of the simplest recipes, similar to some of its traits. A planet with the largest volcano, deepest valley, and highest mountain in the solar system can become part of your collection with just a few steps.

Combining the planet with different ingredients will give you even more useful and often surprising ingredients. Such as when you combine God with Mars, you will be reminded of Roman mythology, and mixing Anime with it will take you back in time. While there are a plethora of recipes you can create with Mars, our list will help you get started with some of them.

How to Create Mars in Infinite Craft

How to Create Mars in Infinite Craft
Image Credit: Neal.Fun

There are a bunch of alternate recipes for Mars in the game, however, the easiest among them just needs you to combine Planet with Brick. Haven’t created Brick and Planet yet, follow the sequence and get them all:

Use this combination to make Planet:

  • Earth + Wind = Dust
  • Dust + Earth = Planet

Use this combination to make Brick:

  • Fire + Water = Steam
  • Steam + Earth = Mud
  • Mud + Fire = Brick
  • Planet + Brick = Mars

Alternatively, you can create Brick by combining Clay with Clay. Clay is a product of mixing two Mud, which is made by using Steam and Earth. No matter which recipe you follow, you will get a few other elements to experiment with.

Recipes That Use Mars in Infinite Craft

From mythology to sci-fi and usual to unusual, the list of items you can create from Mars is amusing:

  • Mars + Life = Alien
  • Mars + Baby = Martian
  • Mars + Lava = Olympus Mons
  • Mars + Stone = Meteor
  • Mars + Plant = Potato
  • Mars + Dust = Rover
  • Mars + Water = Venus
  • Mars + Fire = Volcano
  • Mars + Earth = Life
  • Mars + Venus = Love
  • Mars + Professor = Scientist
  • Mars + Angel = Ares
  • Mars + God = War
  • Mars + Heaven = Olympus
  • Mars + Brick = Mars Rover
  • Mars + Painter = Warhol
  • Mars + Oil = Gasoline
  • Mars + Fossil = Dinosaur
  • Mars + Knowledge = Curiosity
  • Mars + Student = Astronaut
  • Mars + Prison = Jail
  • Mars + University = Space
  • Mars + Google Earth = Google Mars
  • Mars + School = Mars University
  • Mars + Paper = Money
  • Mars + Book = War of the Worlds
  • Mars + Anime = Sailor Moon

If this helped you create Mars in Infinite Craft and introduced recipes you find interesting, then make sure to check out our dedicated section.