How To Easily Make Money In Arcane Odyssey Roblox (Farm Galleons Fast)

Here is a quick way to make lots of money easily in Arcane Odyssey Roblox.

There are some fast ways you can use to make money in Arcane Odyssey for Roblox. And you will be needing these galleons as you play the game. They are required to pay fines, trade with other players, upgrade weapons, and more. Thus you can easily run out of it. Worry not here is the best Galleons farming method to quickly get rich in Arcane Odyssey.

How to Make Money Fast in Arcane Odyssey

how to make money fast in arcane odyssey
Image Credit: Firranos on YouTube

The fastest way to make money in this game is by fishing. But there are ways you can optimize your farming methods. Here are the things you should do:

  • Fish at Sea: While you can fish anywhere you can find a water body. You should go out into the sea for it. This is because you will also find lost cargo and sealed treasure chests here. So going out in the sea lets you use two farming methods at the same time. You can decide to grab the chests or cargo when they float near you. Or simply fish which you were originally doing. To catch a fish you will need a fishing rod and bait. Throw the line at the water and repeatedly click the left mouse button when some fish bites on it. I suggest you check our detailed guide on how to catch fish for more. Here you can also learn about their types and the locations where you can get them.

If you get bored with the above methods, then these are the next best things to do:

  • Sell valuable fish: If the above gets too tedious then you can also catch specific fish and sell them. Some of these include:
    • Caparari: Sells for 585 galleons
      • Where to catch: Freshwater in the southern region during the day.
    • Saddled: Sells for 675 galleons
      • Where to catch: Freshwater in the southern region during the night.
    • The above were just a few examples. Do remember these are rarer fishes hence they are worth more. So you won’t be catching them as frequently. But you can still sell all the other ones that you catch in search of these.
  • Use Treasure Charts: Another way to make some quick money is by finding and using treasure charts to get chests. A single treasure chart can give you locations for up to 5 chests depending on how worthy the treasure is.

That covers this guide on how you can easily make money fast in Arcane Odyssey Roblox. Since you enjoy this game, you should find our guides useful on how to awaken, become the pirate king, and its Trello Link.