How To Catch A Fish In Arcane Odyssey Roblox (All Types & Locations)

Here is how you can catch every fish in Arcane Odyssey.

One of the easiest ways to earn galleons in Roblox Arcane Odyssey is to catch and sell fish. There are surprisingly a lot of fishes that you can get in this game. And it even has mechanisms of spawning different ones based on the time of the day. And the better the fish is, the more you can sell it for. So here is our complete fishing guide for Arcane Odyssey, how to catch a fish, get rods and baits, and their types and locations.

How to Catch a Fish in Arcane Odyssey

arcane odyssey roblox complete fishing guide all fish types and locations
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You need a fishing rod and bait in order to catch a fish in this game. The process in itself is quite basic:

  1. Purchase and equip a fishing rod.
  2. Cast it on any waterbody that you are near.
  3. Wait for some fish to take the bite.
  4. Once it does, spam click your left mouse button until you catch one.

Depending on how rare and big the fish you caught is, the more clicks it will take until you finally catch one.

How to Get Fishing Rod & Bait

You can buy the Fishing Rods from the fishmongers. As for the bait, you can either buy it from fishmongers or have a random chance to find one in a chest. The rod you use will affect the type or number of fish you catch. The 3 rods that you can use in the game right now are:

  • Wooden Rod: Can buy from any fishmongers in the game.
  • Bronze Rod: Can buy from the fishmongers in Palo Town after you are level 30 or above.
  • Collector’s Rod: Can buy from the fishmongers in Shell Island after you are level 50 or above.

All Fish Locations in Arcane Odyssey Roblox

The Fish you catch in this game will change based on where you are and at the time of the day. Luckily you only have to worry about 2 of those, that is day and night. As for their types, they can be either of the 3 that is River, Freshwater, or Ocean Fish. Their type also indicate the location where you can catch them. So a North Freshwater fish, means you can catch these fishes at freshwater spots in the Northern region. Here is where you can find each of them:

Fish Time of Day Type
Common Barbel Day Northern Freshwater Fish
Crucian Carp Day Northern Freshwater Fish
Goldfish Day Northern Freshwater Fish
Koi Day Northern Freshwater Fish
Muskellunge Day Northern Freshwater Fish
Pond Smelt Day Northern Freshwater Fish
Stringfish Day Northern Freshwater Fish
Basking Shark Day Northern Ocean Fish
Blue Devil Day Northern Ocean Fish
Cold Goby Day Northern Ocean Fish
Collosal Squid Day Northern Ocean Fish
Jellyfish Day Northern Ocean Fish
Rock Cod Day Northern Ocean Fish
Sculpin Day Northern Ocean Fish
Sleeper Shark Day Northern Ocean Fish
Tuna Day Northern Ocean Fish
Yellowfin Sole Day Northern Ocean Fish
Arapaima Day Southern River Fish
Freshwater Drum Day Southern River Fish
Piranha Day Southern River Fish
Shiner Day Southern River Fish
Tambaqui Day Southern River Fish
Tilapila Day Southern River Fish
Yellow Perch Day Southern River Fish
Betta Day Southern Freshwater Fish
Caparari Day Southern Freshwater Fish
Neon Tetra Day Southern Freshwater Fish
Oscar Day Southern Freshwater Fish
Payara Day Southern Freshwater Fish
Piraiba Day Southern Freshwater Fish
White Bass Day Southern Freshwater Fish
Anchovy Day Southern Ocean Fish
Barracuda Day Southern Ocean Fish
Butterflyfish Day Southern Ocean Fish
Clownfish Day Southern Ocean Fish
Great White Shark Day Southern Ocean Fish
Surgeonfish Day Southern Ocean Fish
Tiger Shark Day Southern Ocean Fish
Anglerfish Night Northern Ocean Fish
Cold Lamprey Night Northern Ocean Fish
Haddock Night Northern Ocean Fish
Northern Cod Night Northern Ocean Fish
Northern Flounder Night Northern Ocean Fish
Alligator Gar Night Southern River Fish
Archerfish Night Southern River Fish
Burbot Night Southern River Fish
Pale Bleak Night Southern River Fish
River Turtle Night Southern River Fish
Snakehead Night Southern River Fish
Southern Logperch Night Southern River Fish
Barbel Steed Night Southern Freshwater Fish
Bleak Night Southern Freshwater Fish
Chain Pickerel Night Southern Freshwater Fish
Guppy Night Southern Freshwater Fish
Lake Trout Night Southern Freshwater Fish
Saddled Birchir Night Southern Freshwater Fish
Walleye Night Southern Freshwater Fish
Bluefish Night Southern Ocean Fish
Giant Eel Night Southern Ocean Fish
Kitefin Shark Night Southern Ocean Fish
Ocean Triggerfish Night Southern Ocean Fish
Seahorse Night Southern Ocean Fish
Southern Cod Night Southern Ocean Fish
Stingray Night Southern Ocean Fish
Swordfish Night Southern Ocean Fish

Aside from the above fishes, there are also region-exclusive fishes that you can catch in this game, these include.

  • Eastern Carp: Found at East Peninsula freshwater spots.
  • Ashen Trout: Found at Ashen Volcano freshwater spots.
  • Blue Char: Found at rivers in the Southern Riverlands.
  • Sun Salmon: Found at the Castlian Shore freshwater spots.
  • White Goldfish: Found at Mount Seawatch Peak freshwater spots.
  • Windfish: Found at the Lake Argestes freshwater spots.
  • Bronze Carnivore: Found at the ponds in the Bronze Grassland.
  • Forest Minnow: Found at the ponds in the Whispering Forest.

That covers this complete fishing guide on how to catch fish in Arcane Odyssey Roblox and their types and locations. For more help on other topics for this game be sure to check our guides on how to block, how to heal, and the best fighting styles tier list.