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Best Fighting Style Tier List For Arcane Odyssey Roblox

Looking for a Tier List of the best fighting style in Arcane Odyssey for Roblox? This list has you covered.

There are a total of 6 fighting styles in Arcane Odyssey, but not all of them are the best, hence here is a tier list for you. In this list, we have considered all fighting styles in the game and ranked them from best to worst. You can also find the explanation for the S Tier fighting styles after it. So without further ado here is the Best Fighting Style tier list for Arcane Odyssey for Roblox.

Arcane Odyssey Best Fighting Style Tier List

arcane odyssey best fighting styles tier list

Fighting Style Tier
Thermo Fist S Tier
Cannon Fist S Tier
Sailor Fist A Tier
Iron Leg A Tier
Boxing B Tier
Basic Fighting C Tier

Here is why they are placed in these ranks and how to unlock them:

Best Fighting Style Tier explained for Arcane Odyssey

S Tier fighting styles are the strongest ones in the game.

  • Thermo Fist: This fighting style utilizes the heat energy that you have. The higher the reserved energy, the more power you can unleash. This move can also inflict burn on your target.
    • Unlock method – You need Strength stat at level 100 or above. You can learn it from the mentor at Ravenna for 300 galleons, after finding the buried treasure.
  • Cannon Fist: If you are a fan of ranged combat then this fighting style is for you. In it, you use cannons to hurl at your enemies. This is slightly more complex than Thermo Fist but can still be very fun to use.
    • Unlock method – You need Strength stat at level 80 or above. You can learn it from the Trainer in Palo Town for 300 galleons, after completing 2 bounties in the town.

A tier fighting styles are the next best options in the game. B tier is usable and C is only going to be of use when just starting the game.

That covers this Tier List of the Best Fighting Styles in Arcane Odyssey for Roblox. If you like this list and are looking for more then be sure to check out our Tier Lists section. You should also find our other guides for this game useful on how to use treasure charts and all Arcane Odyssey Codes.