How To Get & Use Treasure Charts In Arcane Odyssey

Here is how you can find Treasure Charts and use them in Arcane Odyssey for Roblox.

While playing Arcane Odyssey for Roblox you can get Treasure Charts. Upon opening them they will give you a location where you can find a treasure chest. But often many of their locations don’t seem to make any sense. So here is a quick guide on how to use Treasure Charts in Arcane Odyssey and how to get them.

How to Use Treasure Charts in Arcane Odyssey

treasure charts explained for arcane odyssey roblox
Image Credit: Ruka on YouTube

You need to follow the directions given in the chart to find the Treasure in Arcane Odyssey. The good thing is that the instructions are pretty explicit. Depending on how valuable the treasure is, it will either be only in one place. Or will be scattered in up to 5 different locations that you will need to find in the game’s world.

When finding multiple treasure chests, you should follow the text in order. This is because the text will give the location for the next treasure only when you find the previous one.

Another thing to remember is you cannot trade or sell the treasure charts. And upon dying or exiting the game, you will lose your Treasure chart and will have to find a new one again.

Make sure you carry a shovel with you. This will be needed to dig up the spots given in the instructions of the Treasure Charts.

How to Get Treasure Charts

You should open Scroll chests to get Treasure charts in this game. This is the best method to get one. Aside from that you can also get Treasure Charts by completing quests. Although this method is rarer and not that reliable when compared to opening Scroll chests.

That covers this guide on how to use Treasure charts in Arcane Odyssey Roblox and how to get them. For more help on other such games be sure to check out our other Roblox guides. You can also check out our Codes section to get redeem codes and claim freebies in your favorite games.