LEGO Fortnite: How To Get Bread

Consuming Bread will help you increase your health in LEGO Fortnite. Check out this guide to learn how you can make this consumable item.

In LEGO Fortnite, apart from building machines and structures, players can work on their culinary skills by crafting recipes as well. Once you start to level up your village and gradually progress through the game, you will be able to unlock rare recipes. Similarly, players will be able to make Bread after they have unlocked its recipe.

Consuming this item will provide 10 Hunger and 10 Heart, which can be very beneficial for your character’s survival. Therefore, if you want to learn how you can create and consume this item, here are a few steps that will guide you through the entire baking process.

How to Get the Bread Recipe in LEGO Fortnite

Since the process of making this consumable item is extensive, we will divide it into two haves, how you can unlock the recipe for the bread and how you can make this item.

How To Unlock The Bread Recipe In LEGO Fortnite
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In order to make the bread you will first have to unlock its recipe. Therefore, to do this you will have to create an Oven. Keep in mind that this station will only be unlocked once you have harvested Brightcore, Obsidian, and Copper at least once while exploring all the biomes. Once unlocked, you can find this station under the Utility section. Now to make the Oven, you will require the following ingredients:

Although you can find all these resources in the Dry Valley caves, if you are struggling to harvest them, you can refer to our detailed guides and collect them easily.

How to Make Bread in LEGO Fortnite

How To Make Bread In LEGO Fortnite
Image Source – Games & Apps Tutorials on YouTube

The recipe to create this item is very simple and requires only two ingredients. However, the process of harvesting these two resources is very time-consuming. To make the Bread, you will require the following ingredients-

  • 2 Egg
  • 2 Flour


This resource can be harvested from the chickens that are scattered all around the Grasslands. Even though while getting Feathers to craft Arrows you need to destroy these animals, to get Eggs you will have to gently approach them and pet them.

Once the chicken is content, it will reward you with an Egg. If you need them to drop more than one Egg at a time, try feeding them before you can pet the chickens.


Since this resource cannot be harvested from any animal or creature, you will have to use Wheat Grain and convert it into Flour. You will need 1 Wheat Grain in order to make this resource and you can craft it using the Grain Mill station.

Once you have both these resources, you can interact with the Oven, add all the ingredients, and start making the Bread.

These are all the steps you will have to take in order to get Bread. Since you now know how to make this consumable item, you can also learn how to make Cheese in LEGO Fortnite and use both these items to satisfy your cravings and restore your health.