How To Fix Major Orders Not Progressing Bug in Helldivers 2?

Major Orders Not Progressing is a new talk of the Helldivers 2 universe. Players are reporting that even after completing missions and objectives their Major Orders are stuck on the same level as it was before. It is not progressing at all blocking the medal rewards. Why this is happening? Is this a bug or a problem with the game settings? The answer lies in this article, many Helldivers 2 players miss tiny details that cause this problem.

Helldivers 2: Why Major Orders Are Not Progressing?

Major Order Bug Helldivers 2

Major Orders is a community-wide challenge like Defend the Angel’s Venture. A community-wide challenge means players around the globe or whoever is participating in it will have to complete it together. For example in Angel’s Venture, players will have to defend two planets from bugs before the timer is over. They have to commonly guard the planets along with completing tiny objectives that are flashed on the screen.

If players are not clearing up objectives they won’t get the 45 Medals reward. This is where many players think Major Order is not progressing in Helldivers 2. It remains incomplete as a few objectives are left or someone picks to leave the match. Only when the entire team completes every objective assigned to the theme without jumping out, only then Helldivers 2 count this as a completion. Sometimes you have to wait and rewards are added automatically after some days.

Major Orders also have an expiry date, and new orders are issued to keep the community engaged. That is why it is necessary when you enter one of the orders to try to go with friends who can stay with you till the end of the battle. Or you have to try playing with random players but this again creates the risk of leaving incomplete objectives. So this is not a bug, it’s a progression issue. But do not confuse it with Helldivers 2 New Difficulty Locked Bug. That is different and it is an actual game bug.

But for Major Orders, things are different, as most of the orders have defense missions. So it requires players to complete some level of common objectives to reward them. They may put you in grinding of playing orders multiple times. But if you can grab your best loadout and friends with you, there are more possibilities for unlocking the medals in Helldivers 2.