How To Defend Angel’s Venture In Helldivers 2 (Major Oder)

Defend Angel’s Venture & Heeth are the latest Major Order in Helldivers 2 that can challenge your combat skills. You will have to defend two Terminid planets located on the East side of the Galaxy in the Orion Sector. If you jump into defending the two planets, without checking out tips in this guide, chances are you can be eliminated fast.

Tips to Defend Angel’s Venture in Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 Angel Venture Order

The timer for the Major Order is ending on 7th March, before the deadline, you can try out your chances to defend the planet and reap some good rewards. As you enter the Major Order, you might asked to jump off to the second planet to guard it against bugs. This is where this challenge becomes complicated, so it is always necessary to enter with a clan.

  1. Angel’s Venture & Heeth have one of the hardest missions of Helldivers 2.
  2. It is logical to join a clan or play this mission with your friends.
  3. Better co-operating between players is important to defend both the planets.
  4. Weapons with good Armor Piercing Rounds are a must. There are stronger bugs in your way who will keep on chasing you until you take off from the planet.
  5. You have to earn 45 premium Warbond Medals that will help you unlock amazing cosmetics from the Helldivers 2 battle pass.

Before the Major Order Expires, players have to free both Heeth and Angel’s Venture from bugs attack. They are spreading like wildfire in the surrounding planets under Super Earth Control. You will have to not only free the planets from bugs but also defend them for a specific time period. Once done you have to return back to your shuttle or else you will lose all your efforts.

Do not be confused if you see these planets as 100% liberated. The bug infestation is active, and due to an in-game bug, it is displayed as liberated. It is your chance to grab 45 Warbond Medals. Do not forget to tweak your loadout and use some boosters before joining the match. Also, the chances of failing to defend the planets are higher. You will earn rewards only if Heeth and Angel Venture come under 100% control of Super Earth.

Hope these tips will guide you to clear up this Major Order and reap amazing rewards. Remember to go with a strong set of friends who are competitive enough to sync with the battle challenges. Otherwise, it won’t be easy to defend the planet against bug infestation.

So this was some quick tips on how to defend Angel’s Venture in Helldivers 2. Do check our guides section for more helpful tips and tricks on the game.