Helldivers 2 Armor Piercing Rounds Weapons List & How to Unlock?

As you progress in Helldivers 2 you will deal with tougher enemies like Bile or Titans. They have strong armor on their body along with soft points. It can be below the belly, between joints, etc. If you are using standard weapons then you have to focus a lot on hitting the soft points. It is going to take a ton of time to take down such strong enemies using regular weapons. To beat bosses fast in Helldivers 2 you will need powerful Armor Piercing Rounds. They can break down armors of powerful enemies like Charger, Bile, Titans, and Hulk.

Helldivers 2 Best Weapons with Armor Piercing Rounds

Below is the list of weapons that support these powerful armor-breaking ammos. Armor Piercing Rounds come in Light, Medium, and Heavy variants.

Plas-1 Scorcher - Helldivers 2

1. Anti-Material Rifle (APW-1): The rifle comes with 6 magazines and 3x zoom. It is one of the most powerful weapons in Helldivers 2. It acts more like a sniper and is ideal for hitting down enemies’ weak points from a distance. You can easily shoot down joints and break them into two shots. You can also attack tanks and cannons from a distance. This weapon will not disappoint you. Due to the low mag size, you have to find shade to reload. In ambush there can be some issues otherwise, the Anti-Material Rifle has powerful armor-piercing abilities.

2. Breaker Shotgun: A breaker shotgun comes with Light Armor Penetrating rounds. It has decent damage with 25 25-mag capacity. So you get more rounds to shoot, but the only negative aspect is range. Shotguns are useless from a distance. Breaker Shotgun is the best combination with armor that provides a speed boost. Fast movement is essential in close-range combat, some enemy attacks release shockwaves that will throw you off the ground. Evading those attacks need armor that does not slow you down.

3. AR-23P Liberator Penetrator: Looking for something faster then go with this Assault Rifle. It comes with Medium Armor Penetrating rounds and it is good with a fire rate. However, it does promise much you on the damage side but if used wisely it can be a good ally in battle. The weapon is good for dealing with enemies from mid-range. Due to the high fire rate, you can get a faster shooting speed.

4. PLAS-1 Scorcher: The weapon comes with Explosive traits, with a high fire rate. It is a good weapon that comes with a laser pointer for accurate aiming. It shoots explosive rounds that explode on impact, which increases the amount of damage we can get out of a regular weapon. Due to the high fire rate and just 15 rounds to shoot, you will find yourself re-loading it a lot. It is a highly useful weapon in both mid and long-range combat.

Best Loadout with Armor Piercing Weapons:

Explosive power will always help you to get out of the crowd. For example, Grenade, with armor like CE-74 Breaker you can carry 2 additional grenades with you. Weapon choice is one thing, you will also need a decent secondary weapon like P-4 Senator. It is a high-damaged revolver that can break down light armor from close range. You will have to work hard in the progression chart to earn max possible XP. This will help to unlock better gears as you move forward.

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