How to fix Difficulty Levels Not Unlocking in Helldivers 2?

Helldivers 2 has a small glitch where new difficulty levels fail to unlock. Users have reported that even after reaching on higher level they are still playing at lower difficulty. This makes the game extremely easy to play with no fun at all. This is a game bug and in this guide, you will find some solutions to the new difficulty not unlocking issue on Helldivers 2.

Helldviers 2 Difficulty Levels Not Unlocking Fix

Helldivers 2 Difficulty Bug

One of the basic fixes to resolve this glitch is to complete the mission with all objectives. When all objectives are covered the game can identify the progress and unlock further levels. Trivial is the easiest level in the game, and once it is properly completed new levels are unlocked on their own. You have to simply play them properly by keeping on eye on pending activities. But if these basic fixes are not working then you have to report the issue to the developer.

This can be done via Discord. Visit the official Helldivers 2 Discord channel, and report the bug to the support help section. Many Helldivers 2 players have been already going through various issues. Locked Difficulty Levels is one of them, and this can be fixed by a game update. Check if there is any recent pending patch left. Update to the latest and check once again, and if it does not work then do a report.

There is an important update about the bug, there is some Global Lock issue with Helldivers 2 difficulty levels. That means not all difficulties are available for all regions. The reason behind this is unclear, it can also be a rumor. But if this is the actual case, then users from one specific region can unlock further difficulties without issue. While users from some regions are bored playing at the same difficulty again and again.

The latest one is Patch 1.000.13 which was out on Feb 28, it resolved various issues in the game along with login issues with PS5 users. This patch also blocks the infinite stratagem glitch and other game-related issues. Do check for patch updates and try back.