Why Is Major Order Not Progressing In Helldivers 2 And How To Fix It

Keep fighting the Automatons and completing the Defend objectives but still see no progression in Major Order in Helldivers 2? Well these missions aren’t what you usually do, so here is how they work.

In your fight to defend the Super Earth, you aren’t just fighting Terminids. You also need to liberate the planets from Automatons by completing your Defend Campaigns. However, no matter how much you seem to put in the work, you will notice that Major Order is not progressing in Helldivers 2. Don’t worry you aren’t alone several players have noticed the same, and it isn’t a bug. This is how it works and what you can do to fix it.

Why Major Order is Not Progressing in Helldivers 2?

Why Is Major Order Not Progressing In Helldivers 2
Screenshot: Gamer Tweak. Why is Major Order event not working in Helldivers 2.

Major Order is not progressing because it is a community mission and not something that you can do alone. When you check the event details it explains Automatons’ attack on the civilians and how Helldivers need to defend them. As such the only way you can see any actual progression is when other players stop fighting the Terminids and focus on clearing Defend Campaigns against these bots.

You can track the progress by checking the bars on the left side of the screen. The Blue bar represents Helldivers while the Red represents Automatons, the goal of every player is to defend the planets and fill up the blue bar before the red bar fills up.

How to Fix Major Order Not Progressing in Helldivers 2

As mentioned above, this is a community mission, so the most you can do is complete your end of the Defend Campaigns as it contributes to the overall Major Order event. Aside from that you can also ask your friends or urge any community member to go and defend the planets on the left side of the Super Earth. The region is red, if you or your friends are doing missions on the yellow side then you will be fighting the bugs which won’t help or count towards Major Order.

That is all for why Major Order is not progressing in Helldivers 2 and what you can do to fix it. While this wasn’t a bug, if you are planning to buy Super Credits you should check out why they are disappearing or if you can make a Private lobby.