Persona 3 Reload Protagonist Name: What To Use For Your Character?

Makoto or Minato? Well here is the registering order and what you should call your character in P3R.

Persona 3 has been around for quite a while now since the PS2 days and this is sort of the 4th iteration of the game. However, a pattern that is common when you start the game is it asks you to enter your name to sign the contract. While you could use anything that you like, many players prefer to use the Protagonist’s actual name to make it extra canon to the story. As such, you get few options based on the past game & movies and its manga. So if you aren’t sure what to use, this guide will help you make the decision. Also, check out the order in which you should use their first and last names.

What is the Canon Name that you Should Use in Persona 3 Reload?

What To Name Your Character In Persona 3 Reload
Registering your name in Persona 3 Reload.

If you are planning to experience the game canon in relation to past games, then you should go ahead with Makoto Yuki. This is simply due to the fact that this name has been used for him in most of his appearances.

In case, you feel the character name used in the Manga was better then you can also go along with Minato Arisato. Finally, if you are feeling like choosing something unique and different but still canon, then you can also use these names, Sakuya Shiomi or Kotone Shiomi.

Sakuya Shiomi was his name in Persona 3: The Weird Masquerade. As for Kotone Shiomi, that is the name of the female protagonist in P3 Portable.

Does Main Character Name Affect Storyline and Can You Change It?

Can You Rename Your Character And Does It Affect P3R Story
Image Credits: ATLUS. How Protagonist name affects story in P3R.

No, and no, neither does the name you choose affect the storyline nor do you get to rename them later on in the story. So while the story is not impacted in any significant way. If you are someone that gets bothered by such stuff it is better to think the name through before you sign the contract. This brings us to the final concern of what order should you name the character.

What Order Should You Name Your P3R Main Character?

What Should Be The Order You Enter The Name In P3R
Image Credits: ATLUS. The first and last name order in which you should register your character in P3R.

Players playing the English version of the game should go by first name and last name. The reason this might be confusing is because the game doesn’t specify the order. Usually in Japanese tradition, your family or surname comes first followed by your name. But in this case, if you are going ahead with the above suggested names then you should use Makoto Yuki.

Here, Makoto is the Protagonist’s first name while Yuki is their last name. Similarly, for the other suggested names, the order in which you would use them should be as follows:

  • Minato Arisato
  • Sakuya Shiomi
  • Kotone Shiomi

With that, you now have the canon name ideas for your P3R main character. While you are here also check our guides on how to get Twilight Fragments, Pine Resin, and which difficulty should you choose. As for other help on this game check our Persona 3 Reload section.