Which Starting Class To Choose in Magic Legends: Complete Class System Review

Find out which class should you start out with in Magic Legends.

Magic Legends has 5 Classes in the game. But which is the best class for you in Magic Legends? Each class in the game has its own perks and advantages. Every class is suited for a different aspect of gameplay. Therefore, it is important to make the right choice in the beginning so that you can start Magic Legends with ease. In this guide, we help you with the best starting class you should begin with.

Which is the Best Starting Class in Magic Legends

  • Beastcaller: Best Starting Class in Magic Legends

Best starting class in Magic Legends
Why you should choose Beastcaller class.

The Beastcaller should be your first starting class. The Beastcaller makes for a good starting class. Using this class will make sure that the first 12 cards you get in the game are green cards. Green cards are made of spells that usually help with summoning animals and creatures in the game. This class also gives you +375 Creature Damage as well as +375 Creature Health Potency. This means that the creatures you have summoned will deal more damage as well as have more health. This class is also a melee class. The main attacks include Wild Slash, Rending Throw, and Wild Roar. The main reason to choose this class is so that you have a lot of companions who are fighting with you so that it makes combat easier for you.

  • Mindmage Class

Best starting class in Magic Legends
Why to choose the Mindmage class.

The Mindmage class gives you access to blue cards. You will get 12 blue cards at the beginning. Blue cards are related to a lot of the traditional magic spells. You get various control spells and skills in this class. You also get a +500 Control Rating as well as a +250 Sorcery Damage Potency. This class also has a lot more mid-range attacks. The main attacks include Mindlash, Confound, and Illusory Escape.

  • Necromancer Class

Best starting class in Magic Legends
Why to choose the Necromancer class.

The Necromancer class will reward you with 12 Black cards in the game when you choose this class. The Necromancer class and the Black Cards usually deal with the undead and similar spooky creatures such as skeletons, vampires, etc. These cards have a lot of spells that deal massive damage to enemies while healing you at the same time. This class also allows you to sacrifice some creatures to get some buffs in the game. This class has a +500 Sorcery Damage and a +250 Sorcery Healing Potency. These attacks are mid-ranged just like the Mindmage class. Grim Siphon, Grave Upheaval, and Necromantic Aura are the main attacks.

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  • Geomancer Class

Best starting class in Magic Legends
Why to choose the Geomancer class.

The Geomancer class will help you to 12 Red cards in the game. The red cards usually deal with direct damage and delayed damage stats. These cards also spawn creatures that usually have the elemental characteristics of fire and earth. There are even goblins that act like your minions against enemies. This class gives you +500 Health potency and +250 Sorcery Damage. This in turn means that you get more health stats and acts as a defensive bonus. This class is also a melee class meaning short-range attacks. The main attacks are Magma Fist. Volcanic Fury and Furious Leap.

Best starting class in Magic Legends
Why to choose the Sanctifier class.

The Sanctifier Class will ensure that the first 12 Cards you get in the game are from the White Deck. These cards usually deal more with Angels, retribution, healing spells, and some damage spells thrown in the mix as well. This class falls under the ranged category meaning you can launch your attacks from a safe distance. The class has +500 Sorcery Healing Potency and +250 Sorcery Damage Potency. The main attacks include Divine Bolt, Wave of Radiance, and Salvation.

This is our choice for the best Starting Class in Magic Legends. Now obviously the choice rests with you. You can even switch classes later on in the game without much worry. So have a look at the stats and abilities and see what works out the best for you. If you’re still having trouble check out this video by Fextralife to get a detailed visual idea.

This is everything you needed to know about the Best Starting Class. While you are here have a look at the Character Customisation options as well as find out how to easily mute chats in Magic Legends.