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Magic Legends: All Character Creation And Customization Options

Here's how to use the Character Creation menu in Magic Legends.

Magic Legends is the latest game based on Magic The Gathering card game. The game is an action role-playing game free to play title similar to the Diablo series. With four classes and tons of spells to customize your character, many players might get confused. So today we will look at all the character creation & customization options available in Magic Legends that will help you change its appearance.

Character Creation & Customization in Magic Legends

The characters in Magic Legends are called Planeswalkers. They are a total of 5 classes available to you at the starting of the game with one additional class available as a separate purchase. You will be allowed to create and customize your character once you start the game. The initial 5 classes available for you are Geomancer, Beastcaller, Sanctifier, Mind Mage, and Necromancer. The additional class you can purchase is called Dimir Assassin. Once you have selected the best starting class for your character, you will have the option to customize your character’s physical appearance and give them a name.

How to Create Character & Change Appearance in Magic Legends?

Magic Legends Character Creation Guide

Head to the Physical Appearance menu in Magic Legends and you will see four main options there:

  • Body
  • Face
  • Skin
  • Hair


Here the game will give you 6 body types to choose from. The top layer has 3 female body types and the lower layer has 3 male body types. You can choose between skinny, lean, and bulky body types with different heights. This will determine the overall presence of your character on screen at any given time.


From the Face option, you can choose among 9 different faces representing different human phenotypes. You can select the one which represents your character best. You can’t go wrong with any of them, as all of them look cool and will suit your character very well.


Skin option allows you to further customize your character with 8 different shades to apply to your created character. This will allow you to make your Planeswalkers exactly how you would like.


This is our favorite option in Magic Legends Character Creation. The diversity of hairstyles is amazing here. You can have anything from a clean shaved head, Mohawk, to Hairstyles that even match the look of Goku from the Dragon Ball series. The options are just endless considering you can even change the hair color of all these hairstyles. From the Choose Color option, you can select one of the 24 available colors.

Facial Hair in Magic Legends Character Creation

This option will be available only if you select one of the available 3 male body types. If you select a female body type, you will not have this option available for you in the Physical Appearance menu.

Here you can select:

  • None
  • Full & Rugged
  • Goatee
  • Professor
  • Spiked Burns
  • Stache Full

Once you have selected your Physical Appearance, you can give your character a name from the next Name Character menu. Once done you are all set to explore the world of Magic Legends with your new Planeswalker.

Also, note that further cosmetic options and are available by visiting the Tailor in-game. You may also change your appearance in-game at the Tailor. Also, you can change your character name by purchasing a Character Rename service item from the Store.

That’s everything you need to know about how to create a character and the character customization in the Magic Legends Character Creation menu. While you are here, check out our Magic Legends Guides, like: