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Magic Legends: How To Unlock All Classes

Here's a quick guide on how to unlock all five Planeswalker classes in Magic Legends.

There are five Planeswalker classes in Magic Legends — Beastcaller, Necromancer, Mindmage, Geomancer, and Sanctifier. Since the game has just launched in Open beta, players have been having trouble unlocking all Planeswalker classes and choosing the perfect one for their character in Magic Legends. 

There are multiple classes to choose from but make sure to check out their primary abilities before you pick any class. You will unlock numerous cards of multiple colors throughout the game but the core starting abilities will always be fixed to that particular class.

If you have not unlocked all Magic Legends classes as of yet then don’t worry, we will share with you the easiest way to unlock all classes in Magic Legends.

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How To Unlock All Classes In Magic: Legends

Unlocking classes in Magic Legends is not complicated. When you select a class during character creation, the remaining clauses will be locked. To get all classes in Magic Legends unlocked, you will have to progress through the game.

In Magic Legends, your adventure will begin in an area called Tazeem, where you will have to complete multiple tutorials. Notably, this is the area where you will unlock 12 basic cards for your Planeswalker class and be introduced to the game’s mechanism.

Once you are done completing the tutorial in Tazeem, you will have to progress through the next area, where you will have The Realm unlocked. This will need you to have enough Gold and Planar Mana to accomplish. This is the area where you will unlock the second Planeswalker class.

Similar to this way, you will unlock the rest of the classes by progressing through the game.

Magic Legends All Planeswalker Classes

Here are all Planewalker classes available in Magic Legends and their official descriptions:

1. Sanctifier

The Sanctifier is a devout healer who maintains order on the battlefield by supporting their allies and summoned creatures alike. They can also heal players as they deal damage with Lifelink.

2. Mind Mage

The Mind Mage personifies cool intellect. As a planeswalker that focuses on psychic powers, battles enemies from a safe distance, controlling projectiles with telekinetic powers, and lockdown dangerous foes with spells that put them to sleep, or turn them against their allies.

3. Necromancer

Necromancer class will find themselves in a constant balancing act between life and death. Summoning creatures, sacrificing them for benefits, and whittling down opponents over time will be key to a Necromancer’s success.

4. Geomancer

The Geomancer draws upon the power of the Earth to pummel enemies in close quarters with devastating stone and lava attacks. They are capable of absorbing blows that would otherwise incapacitate other Planeswalkers with their rock shield. Geomancers prefer to call upon creatures like goblins, kavu, and earth elementals

5. Beastcaller

The Beastcaller is the embodiment of primal might and savagery. Vanquish hordes of foes on the battlefield with crushing blows from your massive spirit ax, while coordinating your attacks with an Aether Fox companion – and other summoned beasts.

That’s everything about Magic Legends classes and how to unlock them. While you are here, you may also like to read about how to fast travel in Magic Legends.

Source: Magic Legends Wiki