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Madden 22 NFL: How To Player Lock?

Find out how to lock a single player in Madden 22 NFL.

Madden 22 NFL has a handy feature that will allow you to lock and control one single player in the game. This allows you to let go of the entire team and play just as one specific player in the game. So now, you will be able to live out your wildest fantasies and play as the QB on your favorite team. Scroll down and find out how to do this in NFL.

How to lock a player in Madden NFL 22?


Madden 22 NFL Player Lock: How To Control 1 Player In Franchise Mode

  • To player lock, you will have to go to the settings menu in the game.
  • You can do this either by pausing the game or going over to the ‘Franchise Settings’ in the main menu.
  • This can be found in the Options tab of the main menu in the Franchise mode.
  • Now, go over to the ‘League Settings’.
  • After this just scroll down and look for the ‘Full On-Field Control’ setting.
  • Now, to turn the Player Lock on simply turn off the ‘Full On-Field Control’ setting.
  • This makes sure that you will player lock a single player in Madden 22 NFL.

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As default, this setting will be turned on in the game. So, you will have to manually switch off this setting in order to play as one single player. Now, with this feature turned off you will have control of just the quarterback in the game. This will make the AI take over control of all the remaining on-field players.

This is everything that you will need to know about how to player lock in Madden 22 NFL. While you are here you can also have a look at How To Get Team Captain Tokens In Madden NFL 22 and How To Fix Community Files Not Working In Madden NFL 22.