Genshin Impact Lumidouce Bell Locations (Farming Guide)

Not sure which Lumidouce Bell Location of Genshin Impact has the maximum amount of these flowers? Check out this farming guide to know.

Use this Genshin Impact Lumidouce Bell location guide to find Fontaine’s local specialty. The 4.0 update of the game has introduced a new region rich with natural resources. Fontaine is a hub of culture and arts, so even this beautiful flower has a deep meaning. Wish for the reunion and parting is what this Weeping Crystal denotes. The flower has a light, soft, and lasting scent, so it is often used in luxurious perfumes. But you need this flower for a different purpose. If you are not sure why you need it, then read till the end, as we have also covered its purpose.

Lumidouce Bell Locations in Genshin Impact (Map)

Genshin Impact Lumidouce Bell Locations Guide

At the time of writing, there are 25 Lumidouce Bell plants found in the Fontaine region. One plant has three flowers, so you will get a total of 75 flowers using our marked locations. Court of Fontaine, Elynas, and West Slopes of Mont Automnequi are three locations where most Lumidouce Bell plants are seen. The upper Eastern part of the Court of Fontaine has 9 Lumidouce Bell plants. Elynas has 10 Lumidouce Bell plants. West Slopes of Mont Automnequi has 4 and north of Opera Epiclese has 2 of these plants.

You can also grow this flower plant, as 75 Lumidouce Bells are not enough in Genshin Impact. You can use Seed Dispensary or purchase the Lumidouce Bell Seed from Realm Depot. It will cost you 5 Realm Currency to buy from the Depot.

How to Use Lumidouce Bell

Lumidouce Bells are used for the ascension of Lynette. But the amount of flowers you need to max out her Ascension level is over 150. So use the Seed Dispensary and grow these flower plants.

That’s all for the Genshin Impact Lumidouce Bell locations. If you are exploring the Fontaine region for resources like Pluie Lotus, Tidalga, and puzzle-like Otter chests, then skim through our Genshin Impact guides.