Genshin Impact Pluie Lotus Locations (Farming Guide)

Use this Genshin Impact Pluie Lotus locations guide to find and use the material.

This farming guide covers all the Genshin Impact Pluie Lotus locations. Pluie Lotus is one of the items released in the 4.0 update of the game. And if you are looking for them, then you may have already discovered why they are needed. But if you didn’t, then we have also covered its uses. So read along and know all about this new material of the game. As there might be more to this item than we know now. Its description talks about how it was used by ancient Fontainian natural philosophers. Though the art has gotten lost in time, it’s never really lost.

Pluie Lotus Locations in Genshin Impact (Map)

Genshin Impact Pluie Lotus Locations

There are currently 29 Pluie Lotus scattered around the Fontaine region. You will find this flower on the shores of rivers and lakes. Elynas, West Slopes of Mont Automnequi, and Marcotte Station have most of these flowers. There are 9 in Marcotte Station, 12 in the West Slopes of Mont Automnequi, 7 in Elynas, and one at Court of Fontaine. All the locations have been marked in the image, so teleport near them and search the river banks and lake shores to find all Pluie Lotus of Genshin Impact.

How to Use Pluie Lotus

At present, Pluie Lotus is a key material for two Fontaine Weapon Blueprints: Song of Stillness and Rightful Reward. You can buy these Diagrams from Estelle, the blacksmith. Estelle is the owner of Beaumont Workshop, located in the Vasari Passage of Court of Fontaine. Each diagram requires 10 Pluie Lotus of Genshin Impact. So you will be left with some extra. There is a chance that some more missions, weapons, and recipes will be introduced for the item. So we recommend you collect all of them and not just the required amount.

That’s all for Genshin Impact Pluie Lotus Locations. We have covered many topics from the game, so if you are curious about items like Tidalga, you should check our Genshin Impact guides.