Genshin Impact Otter Locations (Chest Guide)

Use this location guide to find and rescue Leisurely Otters in Genshin Impact.

Are you looking for all trapped Otter locations in Genshin Impact? Leisurely Otters are unique life forms found in the Fontaine region of the game. They are cute, smart, and know how to greet. They are great at finding delicious food that can keep them filled for a long time. And as their name suggests, they like resting and living a leisurely life. But it looks like some of them are in danger or trapped. So read along and rescue these Otters.

How to Rescue 7 Otters in Genshin Impact

Get Precious Otter Chest Genshin Impact
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You will be visiting a total of 8 locations to get 7 Common Chests and one Precious Chest. Follow the map with our sequence to rescue all Leisurely Otters of Genshin Impact.

Leisurely Otter 1

Teleport at the Elton Trench and go to the location marked in the image. This Otter is trapped behind Bullet Barnacle. Destroy the Bullet Barnacle and free the Otter. It will take you to the Common Chest.

Leisurely Otter 2 and 3

Go to the waypoint that is nearest to the marked Otter locations. In the southeast direction, you will find Bullet Barnacle. Destroy it to free the second Otter, and follow to get the chest. Now, from there go in the northeast direction. You will see a Survey Mek. Defeat it to free the third Otter, and follow it for the chest.

Leisurely Otter 4

The fourth Leisurely Otter is found in the northeast part of the Chemin de L’Espoir. Teleport to Waypoint that is nearest to the marked area. Go to the location and look for a shiny blue crystal on the upper part of the runes. Attack the crystal to free the fourth Otter. Now, follow it to see a chest.

Leisurely Otter 5

Teleport to Salacia Plain Waypoint and make your way to the marked location. Look for the cage. Open the cage’s door to free it and get the next Common Otter Chest of Genshin Impact.

Leisurely Otter 6

The sixth Otter is near Thalatta Submarine Canyon. Go there and head towards the southeast to the marked zone. There you will see Fontemer Grass. Rescue the otter from it and get the sixth Common Chest.

Leisurely Otter 7

Teleport back to the Thalatta Submarine Canyon, and go in the east towards the marked location. There you will find a wooden box. Destroy and free the otter. This is your final Otter and last Common Chest from the Otter puzzle.

How to Get Precious Chest in Genshin Impact

Now if you have obtained all the chest, make your way to the last location. The Precious Chest will appear where many Leisurely Otters are having leisure time. This chest will not appear if you haven’t rescued seven Otters of Puzzle.

That’s all for Genshin Impact Otter locations. We have covered many topics from this game, so if you are curious, check out our Genshin Impact guides. And while you are here, find the location of Tidalga and learn how to get Veluriyam Mirage.