LOTR Return To Moria Adamant Hammer: How To Get & Craft

Unlock and craft the most powerful tool, Adamant Hammer of LOTR Return to Moria by following these simple steps.

Though there are many strong tools in LOTR Return to Moria none can compete with Adamant Hammer. It is said that Adamant Hammer is a powerful tool with no equal. A tool strong enough to rebuild the Bridge of Khazad-dum. Getting its recipe is difficult enough, let alone the ingredients and forger required for crafting it. However, avoiding it is not an option, as it is one of the most essential tools required in the final chapter of the tale.

Bucker up and get ready to embark on a journey filled with deathly foes, difficult terrain, and complex quests. If you want to craft the powerful tool Adamant Hammer in Lord of the Rings Return to Moria.

How to Get & Craft Adamant Hammer in LOTR Return to Moria

How to Get Adamant Hammer in LOTR Return to Moria
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You can get and craft an Adamant Hammer on the Khuzdul Forge using 15 Adamant, 4 Ironwood, and 2 Fine Leather. But before that, you need its recipe by speaking with the Aric, Raven of Erebor. However, you can interact and speak to Aric only by defeating the Final Boss, Narag-Shazon.

So, follow the below steps to forge an Adamant Hammer:

  • Collect 15 Adamant, 4 Ironwood, and 2 Fine Leather:
    • Adamant is a common material found in Barazinbar and Dwarrowdelf.
    • Ironwood is a rare item that can be obtained in two ways. The first way is to enchant the advanced pickaxe with Yarog-Iuthnul on the Rune Table. And then chop trees with it. As for the second method, you just need to destroy furniture in ruined houses of Dwarrowdelf.
    • The third item, Fine Leather is crafted on Loom using Leather and Salt. Leather is obtained by crafting Hide in Loom, and Hide is obtained by killing animals like Cave Bears. While Salt can be mined from The Lower Deeps.
  • Get Khuzdul Forge:
    • To acquire the Khuzdul Forge, you need to first fix the Great Drain Pumps of The Lower Deep. This will unlock the new area, where you’ll find the Great Belegost Forge.
    • Light this forge to get the recipe of the Khuzdul Forge.
    • Then, craft the forge using the required resources.
  • Defeat Final Boss, Narag-Shazon:
    • The fight is divided into two phases. In the first phase, you’ll be encountering Narag-Shazon’s minion.
    • In the second phase, you’ll be dealing with the Narag-Shazon itself.
    • Defeating this dragon can be a bit time-consuming. But once you have dealt with it, you’ll get to meet Aric, Raven of Erebor.
  • Speak with Aric, Raven of Erebor:
    • Get the recipe for Adamant Hammer by talking to Aric, Raven of Erebor.

Finally, head to the Khuzdul Forge once you obtain the crafting recipe. Then, craft and forge this weapon using the required resources.

That’s all you have to do to get and craft Adamant Hammer in LOTR Return to Moria. We have covered many LOTR Return to Moria guides, so if you are interested in learning more quests of the game, read them. You can start by learning about the Ubasam wood and then learn about the Black Diamonds.