How To Get Leather In LOTR Return To Moria

Unable to find Leather in LOTR Return To Moria? Follow the steps in this guide and learn how you can get this resource.

Out of all the other resources in LOTR Return To Moria, Leather is considered to be a rare item. It can be used for crafting clothes, weapons, and various other tools. Its versatility makes it a valuable item and therefore, these kinds of resources are often hard to find. Mining is an integral part of this game, and this item will act as the key component while making and upgrading your weapons and armor. In this guide, we will mention all the ways you can get this resource.

LOTR Return To Moria: How to Craft Leather

LOTR Return To Moria How To Craft Leather
Source – Gamers Heroes on YouTube

The first step, to start this process, is to set up the crafting station. This station is called the Loom, and in order to craft it you will require, Ubasam Wood and Silver. If you have not yet harvested any of these resources, you will have to go to the Deep Mines and collect the required items to craft this structure.

The crafting doesn’t end here, you will additionally need to also create a First Age Pickaxe. The recipe for this is: 1 Black Diamond, 3 Steel Ingots, and 4 Ubasam Wood. It is almost impossible to carry on with this process without this weapon, because it is strong enough and you can use it to harvest Silver. Now that you have all the ingredients to make the Loom, you can go ahead and craft it.

The next phase of this process is gathering the materials required for the Leather, they are: 1 Hide and 3 Salt. Before you use the Loom for making this valuable resource, you will first have to create Hide, and for this, you will require the following ingredients: 3 Resin and 3 Hide Scraps. As for the Salt, make sure that when you are harvesting Silver in the Deep Mines, using the Pickaxe, you also gather this material.

The final part of this process is crafting this resource by placing both these items in the Loom and waiting for the Leather.

We have covered everything you need to know about getting Leather in LOTR Return To Moria. Don’t forget to check out how to repair Tools, Weapons & Armor and how to Increase Inventory Space, here on Gamer Tweak.