Return To Moria: How To Repair Tools, Weapons, & Armor

Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria is all about survivals. While doing so, players are bound to have numerous gears like tools, weapons, and armors that will eventually break. Fortunately, it’s quite simple to repair gears in the game.

Since players are going to explore through caves, mines, and other dangerous habitats, they will need their equipment in top quality. For that to be possible, they will need to understand the mechanic of repairing tools, weapons, armors, and other items very well.

How Repairing Gears Works in LOTR Return to Moria

To Repair tools, weapons, & armor, players will need to craft the Repair Smithy. Check the Essentials & Crafting menu and you can find the building plans for the Repair Smithy. All it takes is 8 Iron Ingots. Having said that, it won’t be easy to farm these Iron Ingots unless players have unlocked the Furnace. If you have a Furnace, farm some Iron Ore and melt it to get the required Iron Ingots.

How Repairing Gears Works in LOTR Return to Moria
Image Source: North Beach Games via YouTube

Once you have your own Repair Smithy, you can repair gears like tools, weapons, & armor easily. Luckily, the only requirement to repair equipment in the game is Metal Fragments. Players can now have durable equipment. If they increase inventory space, they can farm more items and resources with the repaired tools.

How to Farm Metal Fragments

As mentioned, this is the item necessary to fix any broken tools, weapons, or armors. Basically, all equipment can be repaired using Metal Fragments. Players can farm for Metal Fragments almost anywhere since they can be found on the ground. Also, breaking furniture might provide you with numerous Metal Fragments that may turn out to be useful.

Hopefully, you can make your equipment more durable with this guide. Since you are playing LOTR Return to Moria, do check out Ranger Pages Locations & other guides on our dedicated section here at Gamer Tweak.