Where To Find Ranger Pages In LOTR Return To Moria (Locations)

Unable to find the missing Ranger pages in LOTR Return to Moria? Find out all the locations for Journal’s Ranger pages.

The Lord of the Rings Return to Moria follows the journey of the dwarves as they embark to reclaim their land. Set during the Fourth age of Middle Earth, you can find the random campsites as you progress with the campaign. You can find special lore-based Journal Ranger Pages in Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria scattered around these campsites and other locations.

While these are collectibles, they add a flair to the gameplay’s storyline and detailed lore about the Rangers. These missing pages can help you learn more about the background, lore, and history of Moria till now. But as players search for these pages, they are unable to find them anywhere. So, check out our guide on where to find the Ranger Pages in LOTR Return to Moria for all their locations.

Where to Find Ranger Pages in Lord of the Rings Return to Moria

LOTR Return to Moria Find Ranger Pages
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There is no fixed spawn point for the Journal Ranger pages in LOTR Return to Moria because it’s a procedurally generated world. So, you can find these pages randomly in several locations. These include Ranger campsites, abandoned structures, houses, Tattered Bedrolls, Orc outposts, and different Ranger outposts. You can also find these Journal Pages by opening various chests.

In addition, you can find these missing pages hidden underground. You can dig up the rocks and debris using a Pickaxe to head inside the underground. Note that you will need to repair the Beds to find a Ranger Journal book or pages. So, we highly recommend checking every corner across the ruins of Moria to find these pages quickly. That said, you might also need to break different structures to find these Ranger pages.

The best location to find the Journal Ranger pages early in Return to Moria is The Western Halls of the Mines of Moria though it’s procedurally generated. However, you have an increased chance of getting these missing pages over here.

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