Location To Find Ubasam Wood In LOTR Return To Moria

Here is an easy guide you can follow to understand from where you can get Ubasam Wood in LOTR Return To Moria.

Unlike other resources in the game, Ubasam Wood can be difficult to find. In LOTR Return To Moria, this item is essential for your crafting needs. However, you will have to embark on a risky adventure if you want to harvest this resource.

As you progress through the game, the items you will need to survive will also increase, which means the minerals you need for the crafting process will also include a few resources that can’t be obtained easily. Therefore, we have prepared this guide, so that you can understand how to farm Ubasam Wood easily.

How to get Ubasam Wood in LOTR Return To Moria

LOTR Return To Moria Where To Get Ubasam Wood
Source – MMO Wiki on YouTube

You can find this resource in abundance at the Lower Deeps. Once you reach here, look for small mushrooms and flowers. These are scattered all around the area so finding them won’t be difficult, at all. You can harvest them by slashing them with your weapon and get Ubasam Wood along with other minerals. When you keep going further, you will come across huge tree-like structures, and you can get this item from them, as well.

To get to the Lower Deeps first you will have to go to the Crystal Descent, which is covered in blue crystals. There is a way to travel further down, using the Mine Hoist, however, it is broken and in order to fix it you will require a few items:

  • 15 Black Diamonds
  • 20 Elven Wood
  • 30 Natural Fiber

Once you have all the required resources, you can fix the hoist and travel down to the Lower Deeps to get Ubasam Wood.

How to Use Ubasam Wood

One of the most powerful items you can own early on in the game, is the First Age Pickaxe, and this weapon can be crafted using this resource you have just discovered. Additionally, you will have to build a Gem Cutter first, as it is an important component while crafting this weapon.

To create this Cutter you will require: 3 Steel Ingots, 10 Stones, and 10 Ubasam Wood. Once you are done with making this item, you can start crafting the Pickaxe, for which you will need the following ingredients: 1 Black Diamond, 3 Steel Ingots, and 4 Ubasam Wood.

This is everything you need to know if you are looking for Ubasam Wood in LOTR Return To Moria. If you are interested in LOTR Return To Moria, you can also browse through our guide on how to increase Inventory Space and Ranger Pages Locations, all available here on Gamer Tweak.