How To Loot 3 Safes in MW3 Zombies Hostile Takeover

Here is how to loot 3 safes in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies Hostile Takeover mission.

Being part of a main story mission, the task to loot 3 safes in MW3 Zombies is unavoidable. In the first act of Operation Deadbolt, you will receive the Hostile Takeover mission. This tier 5 Mission needs you to eliminate enemies while looting three safes. To be precise you have to kill 50 enemies while the Drilling process is happening.

Doing one is not that difficult, but completing both can be tricky. Understanding that, we have provided the easiest method to complete the mission. So follow along and complete the tasks.

How to Loot 3 Safes in MW3 Zombies Hostile Takeover

Loot 3 Safes in MW3 Zombies Hostile Takeover
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The Raid Weapon Stash mission is the easiest way to complete both tasks. The enemies that appear during this will get you enough kills before the drilling process ends. You can also eliminate 50 enemies while clearing the Mercenary Strongholds. So, here’s how to take both of these missions:

Raid Weapon Stash

  • Open the Tac-Map and look for a contract with a gun symbol on it.
  • Pin it and follow. On the location, you’ll find a phone. Interact with it to take the contract.
  • Now you’ll be led to the contract area. Find the safe and start drilling.
  • Zombies will start appearing from everywhere. Kill as many as you can before the drilling ends.
  • Once drilling is complete, go and loot the safe.


  • To enter the Stronghold you need a Stronghold Keycard.
  • There are two ways to get the card. You can buy one keycard for 2000 Essence from Stations.
  • Or you can head to the Mercenaries Camps and open Loot Cache. But Loot Cache is RNG, so it might take some time.
  • Once you have gotten the card, use Tac-Map to locate the Stronghold.
  • Go there and use the keycard to open the facility.
  • Find the safe and start drilling it.
  • Kill 50 enemies while it’s drilling.
  • Finally, head to the Safe and loot it when the drilling ends.

That’s all you have to do to loot 3 safes in MW3 Zombies Hostile Takeover while getting the kills. If this helped you complete the mission, you should check our other Modern Warfare 3 Guides. We have covered topics like how to fix Cyphered Table and Stun Special Zombies.