How To Fix Cyphered Tablet Not Dropping In MW3 Zombies

If you are going through Operation Deadbolt in MW3 Zombies, you are bound to come up against the objective acquire a Cyphered Tablet. Hands Off, Blasted, Bring Em On, and Nest Wrecker are some of the objectives that will task you with getting this item. It is dropped off by one of the enemies that you kill during the other mission objectives.

While there is a bug due to which players are facing the Cyphered Tablet not dropping issue. However, there is a chance that the tablet de-spawns before players can pick it up. If you are stuck at this as well, our guide will show you exactly what to do.

How to Get Cyphered Tablet if it De-spawns in MW3 Zombies

How To Fix Cyphered Tablet Not Dropping In MW3 Zombies
Image Source: Modern Warfare 3

While the Cyphered Tablet does despawn for many players, there might be reasons why you are getting the Cyphered Tablet Not Dropping issue. However, if you all other objectives for a mission are complete first look around for the tablet. It might have already been dropped somewhere. Since players do receive an indicator on their HUD, it would be easy to know if that is the case.

Whatsoever the reason might be, players cannot fix this issue in the same deployment. However, luckily, you won’t have to go through it all. Usually this issue occurs while completing one of the mentioned mission objectives. So simply deploy again while selecting that same mission and complete it once more.

For instance, if you encountered this issue while completing the Hands Off mission, then simply deploy and get the Sentry Gun kills. Usually, the Cyphered Tablet respawns after using the Sentry Gun once (assuming you already got the 20 Zombie kills with Sentry Guns and 10 Mercenary kills with Sentry Guns) and can be picked up next to the enemy.

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