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How To Spawn Jellyfish In Loop Hero

Learn to spawn jellyfish in Loop Hero.

Loop Hero is filled with various different enemies in the game. Some of these enemies are picked straight from mythical books and tossed straight into the game. While these ancient enemies are a threat there are some others who don’t seem that harmful at first sight. One such is the Jellyfish. The Jellyfish is one of the few real-life enemies in the game. And just like reality, it has a sharp sting in the game as well. This guide will tell you How to Spawn Jellyfish in Loop Hero as well as give you some more information about these floaty bois.

How to Spawn Jellyfish in Loop Hero


Learn how to spawn Jellyfish in Loop Hero
Learn how to create and find these aquatic creatures.

You yourself can’t spawn a Jellyfish in the game. Jellyfish are actually spawned by Sirens in the game. A Siren can summon a Jellyfish once every 3 attacks with her summoning ability. This happens after Chapter 3 in the game. Jellyfish act like Siren’s minions just like your Skeletons with the Necromancer ability. A Siren spawns once every Loop which consists of a Shipwreck tile.

A Jellyfish is a creature that is made exclusively and only of water. Due to this the Jellyfish perform slashing attacks on your character when they are summoned. However, since it is a minion itself its defences are pretty weak too. It has Liquid Traits. The abilities of a Jellyfish include Ambush, Friendly Fire, and Legionnaire. When killed the jellyfish will also drop Shapeless Mass as a resource you can use. You also stand the chance of getting an Encyclopedia when you fight them.


This is everything that you need to know about How to Spawn Jellyfish in Loop Hero. While you are here do not miss out on How to increase the game speed of Loop Hero as well as learn about the Maze of Memories.