Loop Hero: What Are Resurrection Charges

What are Resurrection Charges in Loop Hero.

Are pixelated graphics and nostalgia your idea of a fun game? In that case Loop Hero is the perfect match for you. The game rolls back the clock with its easygoing gameplay and old-timey vibe. However, it isn’t what you can call laidback. Oh no, not at all. The game has some characterful mechanics that help set it apart. In fact, one of the more interesting parts of the game is the combat mode. While you would expect the game to allow you to fight the enemies, you would be in for a shock. The game itself takes control and you are relegated to the role of a spectator. While this can be good it also means that you arent in charge. And as the stages get tougher this might be a challenge. This is where the Resurrection Charges come into play for Loop Hero. This guide will tell you more about them.

What are Resurrection Charges in Loop Hero

Loop Hero Resurrection charge
Help revive your character in the game.

Resurrection Charges are exactly what they say they are. They act as an extra life in the game so that you can continue where you left off if you die in the game. This is pretty handy as the Loops keep getting tougher in the game especially more so if your armor is not up to scratch. You can revive yourself three times in a Loop.

How to get Resurrection Charges

There are 3 possible ways by which you can get the Resurrection Charges.

  1. By using the Ancestral Crypt gold card to revive health.
  2. The Omicron’s Technique trait also allows you to revive yourself.
  3. The last thing you can do is upgrade the Cemetery in your camp which will help rejuvenate a portion of your health.

This is everything you need to know about Resurrection Charges in Loop Hero. Do not forget to check out How to unlock the Suburbs Card or Which card to choose first.