Loop Hero: What Is Evasion Bonus

What is Evasion Bonus in Loop Hero

Loop Hero is a happy break from the norm. The game has become quite popular and rightly so as it is unlike anything that we see on the market. It has changed the genre it sits under and created a nice niche for itself. This obviously is down to its gameplay and mechanics. Loop Hero has done what everyone thought was the unthinkable and taken out the most expected feature in a fighting RPG title, the combat mode. Yes, players themselves no longer operate the combat mode in this game and it is the in-game computer that takes over. So it is the computer that fights and evades attacks for you. However, a nifty little advantage is the Evasion Bonus. But what is the Evasion Bonus in Loop Hero? Read below to find out more.

What is the Evasion Bonus in Loop Hero

Evasion bonus in Loop Hero.
Find out what the Evasion Bonus actually does.

The Evasion Bonus is a stat that allows you to dodge the enemy’s attacks. As your character successfully dodges more and more attacks the Evasion percentage increases which in turn increases the ability to save yourself from attacks. Since the computer handles the fighting this makes a handy stat to have, especially against stronger enemies and bosses.

The Rogue Class is the one that can utilize this to the best. While other classes do get evasion stats the Rogue class allows you to get an additional bonus making it even easier for your character in fights. This has been done possibly as the Rogue class doesn’t have the best defense stats. It is only when you progress further into the game that you get exclusive items that help boost your defense skills. Until then the Evasion Bonus is a handy feature to have.

This is everything you need to know about the Evasion Bonus in Loop Hero. You can also learn to revive yourself using Resurrection Charges or learn How to unlock the Alchemist’s Tent.