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Tower Of Fantasy: All Answers To Lolita’s Riddles Side Mission

Check out our guide on all the answers to Lolita's riddles side mission in Tower of Fantasy.

Tower of Fantasy is an action-packed MMORPG in an anime-infused sci-fi world. As you complete the first chapter, Lolita’s riddles are one of the side missions that you need to progress into. There’s a wide range of side quests that you will encounter as you progress. Upon encountering Lolita, you need correct answers for all her riddles. So, here’s our guide on how to complete Lolita’s riddles side mission in Tower of Fantasy.

All Answers to Lolita’s Riddles Side Mission in Tower of Fantasy

While the answers to Lolita’s riddles are not much complex, they are closely related to the storyline of TOF. And also whatever has happened in the story progression so far. If you answer one of the questions wrong, you must start over again. So, here are all the answers.

#Q1: What is the name of the comet that project Prism intends to?
Answer: The Comet, Mara.

#Q2: Which Organization is credited with the invention of Suppressors?
Answer: Hykros

#Q3: Do you know what happens to ordinary people if they lose their suppressors?
Answer: They will turn into Aberrants.

tower of fantasy lolitas riddles side mission answers
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#Q4: There are two kinds of Omnium Towers in the world: Those that send Omnium and those that receive it. Now then, do you know which Omnium Tower is the sending kind?
Answer: Tower of Fantasy

#Q5: In total, how many Omnium Towers are there in the world?
Answer: Five

Now that, we have all the answers, let’s also look at Lolita’s location and where to find her.

TOF Lolita’s Location

Before you get to her location, there are some prerequisites that you need to complete.

  • Firstly, you need to complete the main story’s Chapters 1-5 to unlock the full World Map. This will make it easier to track her location.
  • Now, search for Vivian in Ring of Echoes and interact with her.
  • She will state that there is a little girl that asks questions and only some can answer right.
  • Then, you need to follow the quest marker to reach her location.
  • As you interact with her, she will start asking the riddles.
  • Upon answering her questions right, she will reward you with three Weapon batteries I and 1,227 EXP points.

That’s everything covered on all answers to Lolita’s riddles side mission in Tower of Fantasy. If you liked this guide, check out our other guides on the best weapons, how to open Password chests, and where to find and get honey in TOF right here on Gamer Tweak.