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Tower Of Fantasy: Best Weapons in TOF

Learn about the Best Weapons in the Tower Of Fantasy from this guide.

Tower of Fantasy, a.k.a. TOF, is a Sci-Fi-Themed Open World MMORPG from Hotta Studio. Here, you can enjoy this Anime-based game in an expansive world while completing the storyline or by just adventuring. To beat your Enemies, you will need good Weapons. TOF has a wide selection of Weapons and also gives the Player the freedom to use them however they wish. In this guide, I will show you the Best Weapons you should get in the Tower of Fantasy.

Best Weapons in Tower of Fantasy

best weapons tower of fantasy

In Tower of Fantasy, you get Weapons by pulling them from the Gacha System. Each Weapon you get falls under a certain Criteria. Those criteria are:

  • Resonance
  • Main DPS
  • Sheild Break
  • Support

Resonance Weapons boost Damage output & reduce the Damage taken of a certain Element type. as of the Global release, Nemesis is the only one who comes under this category with Volt Resonance. Main DPS are Weapons that dish out tons of Damage. Sheild Break Weapons are used to break the Shields of Enemies. Support Weapons are used for healing yourself as well as Allies.

Although in current META, it does not matter too much if you have the Better Weapon or not. Making sure that you have a good Roster is Important. So I would recommend having a Main DPS, a Sheild Break, & a Support Weapons in your Roster would be the Best set of Weapons. But there is one Set of Weapons that I will recommend & which is the Best Combo of Weapons in the Tower of Fantasy. That being:

  • Resonance: Nemesis’s Venus
  • Main DPS: Crow’s Thunderblades
  • Shield Break: King’s Scythe of the Crow

Venus is a Support Weapon and also buffs the Damage & damage negation of Volt Damage if there are more Volt Weapons in your Roster. As such, Crow’s Thunderblades & Nemesis’s Venus are a perfect pair. King’s Scythe of the Crow is the Best Sheild Break Weapon at the moment. Upgrading these Weapons should be your Priority if you want to become an all-damage character.

This was all about the Best Weapons in Tower of Fantasy. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our other guides like Best Settings for Boost FPS & Performance in Tower Of Fantasy.