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Tower Of Fantasy: Best Settings (Boost FPS & Performance)

Here are the best settings that you should use in Tower of Fantasy.

You can get a boost in your FPS & Performance when using the best settings in Tower of Fantasy. This is a shared open-world MMORPG game. And while the game is nice, many players that play on older systems might face issues running it smoothly. So in this guide let us take a look at the best graphics settings to use for Tower of Fantasy (ToF).

Tower of Fantasy Best Settings

best settings for tower of fantasy to boost fps and performance

Below are the best graphics settings that you should use for low-end systems. I have also given recommended settings for high-end systems after it.

Best Display Settings in Tower of Fantasy

These settings will help if you have an older PC. Or an Android device that is a year older or two. Using them should give your game a good boost to your FPS and performance. Lastly, if your phone or PC is too old then you might not find them to be of much use.

  • Style Settings: Default. The default style works really well with the game.
  • Screen Settings: Smooth. The game’s graphics won’t look the most visually appealing with this setting. But your system should be able to handle it better. In case your system is a bit newer you could also use Balanced.
  • Same Screen Wanderer: 10. This setting shows you the other players on your screen. So when you set it to 10, you will only see 10 characters at a time on your screen excluding your character. You could also set it to 15 if your PC or phone can handle it.
  • Anti-Aliasing: None. Anti-Aliasing basically makes the objects in your game smoother. Keeping it as none will give you a good performance boost.
  • Disable Motion Blur: There is no direct option for it in the settings but you can edit the game files. Add these lines to your Enigine.ini file.

  • FPS: 60. You can leave this setting as it is.

Best Display Settings for High-end SystemSettings

  • Style Settings: Default. You can also keep it Brilliant for more Vibrant colors. Or Apocalypse to give the game a more Apocalyptic theme.
  • Screen Settings: Fine or Extreme.
  • Same Screen Wanderer: 20
  • Anti-Aliasing: 8x
  • FPS: 120

Other Important Settings in ToF

While the Display settings will affect your game’s performance. Here are some settings that can help you improve your game’s experience.

  • Basic Settings
    • Auto Climb: Toggle Off. Players can find it very annoying when their character starts climbing automatically while in combat. So turn this it is recommended you turn this setting off.
    • Discharge Skill Animation: Toggle Off. This setting is highly recommended for players with low-end devices as it can give you a bit of a performance boost.

That covers this guide on the best graphics settings to use in Tower of Fantasy to boost FPS and performance. You should also check our other guides for this game on how to fix crashing, how the gacha system works, and how to level up your characters.